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This page exists as a living checklist for all the tasks we need to get done for Omni to be "ready" ;)

Once a task is completed:

  • It should be crossed out
  • Incomplete tasks are not crossed out yet!




See full documentation on Ballroom - To Do List page.


Cosmetic Work

A/V and Stage Production


(kitchen + fnb + mpm + baps + bhc + omp + ?)

  • Replace all missing fire insulation ceiling tiles
  • Tie up loose ends, any hanging fixtures, trim, etc needs to be re-affixed.
  • Lighting for both staircases


See full documentation on Kitchen - To Do List page.

  • Expand walls
  • Seal off pantry (give to black hole collective labs)
  • Install dish washer
  • Finish fixing up stoves & overhead
  • Build closet for mop sink and water heater
  • Coat / seal floor


  • Move all shelves and books up into the ballroom

Print Shop

  • Preliminary ventilation (check existing vents)
    • They're currently using non-toxic (green) solvents, low-odor, low-impact
  • Extensive ventilation for future printing purposes
    • For operating the offset printing press (later).
  • ADA accessibility for walkways.
  • Safety demarcations for presses, etc
  • Keep back entrance to sudo clear.
  • Lighting improvements
  • Electrical audit

Middle Rooms

  • Inspect past water leakages, damage
  • Sound-proofing
  • Electrical audit

Basement General

  • Needs electrical outlets very badly (e.g. for meeting space)

Blackhole Labs

  • Walls, doors
  • Insulation
  • HVAC, especially for ventilation
  • Repurposing of raised platform?
  • Electrical audit

Bocce Ball Court

(sudo + ccl)

See full documentation on Bocce Ball Court - To Do List page.

  • Pathways / walkways / ADA accessibility
  • Lighting
    • Especially relevant during the night, lots of use at these times (daylight hours get light from skylights)
    • LED / power-efficient options?
      • Color-changing eventualities!
    • Couple lighting better with architecture / layout of space
    • Could increase the number of fluorescent fixtures.
  • More shelving
    • Free-standing storage structures
    • Catwalk for storage (along edge of room)

Counter Culture Labs

  • Plumbing:
    • Sink in NorthEast closet
    • Sink in East wall
  • Electrical
    • Conduit and outlets on North and East walls.

Sudo Room

  • Electical
    • More conduit and outlets along walls
    • Safely reach center of room with power
  • Re-organize all the things
  • Manage wood / materials

La Commune

See full documentation on La Commmune - To Do List page.

  • Finish drywall behind former bar
  • Remove previous fixture hardware from ceiling
  • Paint ceiling?
  • Patch and paint high walls (fire safety)
  • Install new lighting
  • Electrical
    • Install conduit / outlets along North wall, West wall, and behind South East counter
  • Plumbing for cafe service area
  • Mop sink
  • Finish floors
  • Move bookshelves
  • Arrange furniture / tables / etc
  • ADA Accessible walking paths, demarcations


  • Front entrance / welcoming improvements
  • Scrape paint off of alcove windows (keep alcove for sound barrier to street)
  • Replace door with break-away door handles, etc for fire safety / escape
  • Finish ADA bathroom
    • Seal concrete
    • Re-set toilet
    • Clear up any issues with # of stalls, etc


(til + tiny-room + den + kitchenette + shower + bathroom)

  • Electrical
    • Supply sufficient power for use throughout
    • Ensure stairways are successfully lit
    • Modify lighting
    • Check bathroom for lighting
    • May need conduit and outlets in den
  • Remove remaining ceiling tiles, hardware
  • Consider removing fake wall / paneling between the mezzanine banister and the ceiling.

Timeless, Infinite Light

Wellness Room


  • refinish floors in den


  • Better trash recepticals


  • Potentially install washout or mop sink in shower area


Disco Room

See full documentation on Disco Room - To Do List page.

  • Implement functional and reliable sound system
  • Fix dance floor
    • Remove plastic sheets
    • Repair light system
      • Clean, restore filters, covers, insulation, etc
    • Replace plastic sheets, level, seal so surface is flush
  • Replace missing linoleum, tiles or other flooring surrounding the dance floor
  • Fix or dismantle shelves around room
  • Create sufficient storage, while preserving walkable space around room.
  • Install easy-to-use, sound-insulating privacy screen / curtain / temporary wall between kitchenette bar and disco room.
    • Sound is most important here, as well as creating privacy for folks in the room
  • Install curtain inside disco room on small window in door.
  • Determine if any beams are sufficiently strong to hang items for performance / fixtures / etc
  • Ensure sufficient lighting is installed and functional
  • Ensure sufficient power is arranged throughout the room for functional purposes

Rise Above

  • Build closet for electrical panels in South East corner of room.
  • Make doors and windows more easily lockable
  • Connect power from this room to outside lighting fixtures
  • Ensure sound and scent insulation / hvac / fans are sufficient for usage

Bike Kitchen

  • Dismantle
  • Turn into trash storage

Walk-in Freezer

  • Locate a properly-sized, functioning compressor
    • Install safely and securely
  • Clean rest of room, use for trash bins or other cleaning supplies as necessary.

Omni - Throughout

  • Implement new / upgraded trash system (Jenny)
  • first-aide kits
  • clip boards in bathrooms, kitchen, and other rooms to log cleaning
  • assigned spot for cleaning supplies each floor.

Hallways and Thoroughfares

  • Remove trash cans, store somewhere not in path of travel
    • Plan is to place in current bike room and across from entrance to walk-in food storage.
  • Make tape-based paths for unclear areas to maintain accessible paths free from clutter.

Outside Perimeter

  • Improve lighting, especially near entrances
  • Mark spots for trash cans to place them there on trash days only
  • additional bike racks


  • Install drain catch / cover to keep gutters from clogging, roof puddling, and leaks forming.
  • Create sound-insulating skylight covers.




  1. Do all doors need to be lockable? Do any need to be electrified? Why? No ballroom doors are primary access, right?
  2. cameras outside?