Pest control

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Pests - the non-human variety:

Reported Sightings

  • Two rats in FnB kitchen downstairs


We currently have two electronic mouse traps, and one electronic rat trap (post here if you know of any more!)

  • Mouse trap #1:
Current location: in open corner in the "mushroom closet" - left storage room off CCL.
Catches: 09/07
  • Mouse trap #2:
Current location: upstairs fridge area, underneath the wooden rack of shelves against the wall, to the left of the fridges
  • Rat Trap:
Current location: upstairs fridge area, to the left of the metal rack that is perpendicular to the wall
Catches: 09/07 (mouse, several days old)


The best way to keep flies under control is not to let let any food sit out to rot, and keep a tight fitting lid on any composting waste containers.

Fly paper spirals are non-toxic, and reasonably effective. We may also want to invest in some fluorescent fly lights for the trash room and Fermentation Station in CCL.