Proposal to Remove Gym Equip

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  • Date proposed: 2015-02-05
  • Proposal to remove gym currently being stored in basement by Weds 2/11 from the building. This equip has been stored here and not removed for months without consent of the community. It was supposed to have been moved already, but hasn't been.
  • Recently someone unpacked the gym equipment.. and unfortunately this equipment needs to be repacked up and covered with a tarp. Reason being, due to liability, permitting & consensus issues it cannot be set up in a way that can be used.
  • Propose to set a date of next Weds 2/11 to remove the equipment finally, or it will be taken to goodwill.
  • Also note that proposal is not required for gym equip removal, because the presence of this equipment was never consensed, but I would like to have this openly discussed and understood by the community.