Renovating Ourselves

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Renovating Ourselves: An Omni Commons Organizing Series


Schedule is pending, in process, here's the progress thus far:

  1. "Asset-based Community Development" (ABCD)
    • Presenter: Kwe
    • Description: (Pending)
    • Planned Activity: We could break into small groups and engage in a community-mapping process to start to share the knowledge we have of the existing connections within the community and the world around us.
  2. Cooperative and collective organizing
    • Presenter: (Pending)
      • Reaching out to a few folks who work in the legal support area.
    • Description: (Pending)
      • structures, permutations, experiments, and the future
  3. Feminist Movement
    • Presenter: (Pending)
    • Description: (Pending) seeking potential engagement with any concepts below:
  4. The Hacker Ethic and the Global Network of Hackerspaces
    • Presenter: (Pending) Some collective of sudo room members maybe...
    • Description: (Pending) Seeking presenter to engage with:
      • Hacker Ethic -
      • Hackerspace Design Patterns -
      • Do-ocracy, adhocracy, heterarchy, peer-to-peer / network structures
      • Transparency, openness, privacy, accountability
  5. Intersecting Oppressions
    • Presenter: (Pending)
      • Reach out Lynice Pinkard
    • Description: (Pending) holding space
  6. TBD
    • Presenter: (Pending)
    • Description: (Pending)


This series seeks individuals (or maybe small groups) to do the following:

  • Prepare and deliver a 15 - 30 minute presentation at Omni Commons that shares an organizing theory, methodology, or experience that may reveal some of the existing underlying principles of Omni Commons organizing, or introduces ones that are not so strongly connected to Omni Commons at this time, but that could be helpful to everyone as we grow.
    • Consent to record the presentation is required, so we can provide videos (and a full playlist) online for folks who are unable to attend any given presentation
  • Participate in a 15 - 30 minute discussion with attendees to answer questions and engage with the presentation's concepts.
    • This requires either a prepared activity, or merely the willingness to engage in a facilitated conversation
    • The presenter does not necessarily have to facilitate, but is expected to at least participate in discussion


The plan is to schedule ~ 6 - 8 engagements prior to a serious planning session for the Omni Commons. This way we can compile a playlist of video recordings as resources along with ongoing conversations and a budding vocabulary in the community to support the kind of intentional and directed conversations necessary for focusing strictly on vision and plans for Omni Commons itself.