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* [https://omnicommons.org/occupy/omni-ballroom-prep-and-cleaning-responsibilities-guide/ Responsibilities for clean up and trash disposal] after the event.
* [https://omnicommons.org/occupy/omni-ballroom-prep-and-cleaning-responsibilities-guide/ Responsibilities for clean up and trash disposal] after the event.
* [https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0ByjR12L1MEjCdE9LYVd5WXYyNDg/0B-AL95NlI75qVFlQakRPRWZZNVk Short Rental Contract] - for small, easy events.
* [https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0ByjR12L1MEjCdE9LYVd5WXYyNDg/0B-AL95NlI75qVFlQakRPRWZZNVk Short Rental Contract] - for small, easy events.
* [https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0ByjR12L1MEjCdE9LYVd5WXYyNDg/0B-AL95NlI75qVFlQakRPRWZZNVk Long Contract] for loud or complex events with 50+ attendees.
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SEaPQbqwt6ezxqq1PQw4duMVlkqxQAdHhQI28vSWuuU/edit#heading=h.gjdgxs Long Contract] for loud or complex events with 50+ attendees.
* [https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0ByjR12L1MEjCdE9LYVd5WXYyNDg/0B-AL95NlI75qVFlQakRPRWZZNVk Waiver Agreement] to be signed by all renters.
* [https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0ByjR12L1MEjCdE9LYVd5WXYyNDg/0B-AL95NlI75qVFlQakRPRWZZNVk Waiver Agreement] to be signed by all renters.
* [https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0ByjR12L1MEjCdE9LYVd5WXYyNDg/0B-AL95NlI75qVFlQakRPRWZZNVk Disco Room Waiver]
* [https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0ByjR12L1MEjCdE9LYVd5WXYyNDg/0B-AL95NlI75qVFlQakRPRWZZNVk Disco Room Waiver]
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t-vm8M_1daPoaEongdkytSDyMwt706rHKRvtVSS_PYw/edit Bathroom Cleaning Guide] with directions to the cleaning supply closets.
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t-vm8M_1daPoaEongdkytSDyMwt706rHKRvtVSS_PYw/edit Bathroom Cleaning Guide] with directions to the cleaning supply closets.

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Also known as "Omni Point Person" and formerly as "Bottom-liner".

We use the name Responsibilibuddy at Omni Commons to signify that someone is taking on a role of responsibility. In particular, it is most often used to refer to an individual who is taking responsibility for the relationship and hosting of a group or event in the Omni Commons.

Below are expectations and process for being a Responsibilibuddy.

Events & Booking Overview

Responsibilities for acting as "Responsibilibuddy" or "Point Person" for an event hosted at Omni Commons.

Read more about the Calendar System and Booking System. Please familiarize yourself with the wordpress before continuing as a responsibilibuddy.

Booking Process

Prior to Event

Step 1, Sign-in

Open the request in the www.omnicommons.org/occupy/wordpress/wp-admin (sign in, then search for and edit the request)

Step 2, Logistics

Check this list of common booking logistics to make sure the person has chosen the right space for their event, and all other needs/concerns are met.

  • If LOGISTICS 1-4 are not met, continue to [Step 3]
  • If LOGISTICS 5-6 are not met, continue to [Step 4]
  • If you have made First Contact, they have been addressed, and the event does fit these logistical criteria, proceed to [Step 5]
  • Share the news and considerations with others, seeking consensus all the way. Once you have consensus, proceed to [Step 7]


  1. Be SURE they are familiar with the space and have been to the Omni (if they haven't, they should visit before going further).
  2. Check omnicommons.org/calendar to make sure the date, room and time are open for the event. (Also make sure you, or a second point person, can attend the event). If this is a recurring event, check the first one and see below under "Recurring Events".
  3. Room capacity: Will they exceed it? Is there group small enough that their use of the space wouldn't really be fair to larger groups? Are they using enough, but only enough room?
  4. Sound: Will it be loud? (If so, it can't go past 10pm in the ballroom-- loud things should preference the basement and avoid the Disco Room) Will this be disruptive because of location or other events at the same time? --Do they need quiet, and will that be possible?
  5. Make sure the event doesn't require special equipment or permits we can't accommodate (or they haven't assumed something we can't provide)
  6. Contribution. Consider their offering with others. When valuing space, slide the scale based on need and other value alignment. Consider what they can offer, what we need and get creative with compensation. Just make sure those who share the space, care for the space and want to give to others! We don't want capitalism, but we do need money to continue holding this space. (Define this in the Event Agreement, in accord with the requestor).
  7. Value alignment: This one is tricky, some things are more subtle than others. If the organization or event clearly supports an oppressor, obviously say no right off the bat. If it's harder to tell, if there's a chance it might be a hot button issue, definitely email the Discuss and Consensus mailing lists before continuing.

Step 3, First Contact

Email the address on the request letting them know you have volunteered and will be in further contact as you figure out the details and finalize the decision. Coordinate with the event organizer to ensure there are no conflicts on the Omni’s calendar or concerns among Omni members about the event.

There should be a template with this guide, or ask one of us for it.

  • Work with the potential renter and members of the Omni to resolve any scheduling conflicts.
  • IF LOGISTICS MUST BE ADDRESSED email the address on the request and ask about adjusting their event to fit these logistics.
  • If necessary, schedule time to meet with the event organizer to show them the space and discuss any concerns prior to the event.

Step 4, Further Communication

In your first or second email to the event requester, be *sure* to include the following basic information:

  1. Let them know you will bring it up at the next Commons Working Group meeting, which they are welcome to attend as well, before finalizing the request.
  2. Share the Omni’s rental policy and pricing guidelines with the event organizer. Work with them to determine a rental rate that is fair and reasonable for all parties.
  3. Communicate the Omni’s expectations for behavior in the space (i.e., safer space policy) to the event organizer, as well as responsibilities for clean up and trash disposal after the event.

Once LOGISTICS 1-4 have been worked out, and information relayed,

Request Their Action Items:

  1. Share the Omni’s rental contract with the event organizer and ask them to fill-in the answers in RED. (Review this agreement when they let you know they are finished filling it out, before signing)
  2. Let them know we will need a 50% deposit for the rental fee, prior to the event. Checks should be made to the Omni Oakland Commons.

Step 5, Tentative Confirmation

Once LOGISTICS 5-6 AND Step 4 are confirmed, tentatively confirm the event (on everything but consensus):

  1. Add the word Tentative to the title of the request on /occupy, and click the Publish button.
  2. Update the event rentals tracking spreadsheet that is used for invoicing:
  3. Email the requester/event coordinator to let them know we are holding the slot for their event, but have to confirm on consensus.

Step 6, Consensus

Next, if you haven't YET, email Commons and Booking Lists to ask others about any blocking concerns, conflicts, logistical details, etc., for everyone to have a chance to speak up. (And if you haven't already, be SURE they are familiar with the space and have been to the Omni (this is a logistical criteria):



  • If this event is a “hot button issue”, if you can see any way that a person could bring up considerations because of social, socio-economic, political, environmental, etc concerns or issues, please include the follow two addresses in your email:



Step 7, Attend Commons WG

Attend the following Commons Working Group meeting [Saturdays 1pm] as we go over this week's requests, and mention that you'll volunteer for it. See if there are any blocks/concerns and ask others for their input.

Step 8, Confirm & Meet

As long as there are no blocking concerns after the meeting, whether they're there or not, email the address on the request form, letting them know their event has been approved, with the following points:

  • Set up a time to meet, sign and follow-up.
  • Ask them to fill in the RED parts of the event agreement beforehand.
  • Meet with them and sign the agreement for the OOC (or have another OOC person do so).
  • Give the Event Agreement and associated checks (including deposit if applicable) to someone in the commons working group to give to Omni's CFO.

Step 9, Attend the ENTIRE event!

Or make sure someone else can do so, and cover you while you can't be there.

During the Event

  1. Be present for the entire event to answer any questions and ensure everything runs smoothly. (Or have someone else cover your "off hours"/days you're not able to attend)
  2. If not already done, collect the signed rental agreement and remaining rental fee from the event organizer.
  3. Make sure the space is clean and excessive trash has been taken away after the event.

After the Event

  1. Thank the event organizer for hosting their event at the Omni.
  2. Return the event host's cleaning Deposit. If _necessary_, deduct damages/cleaning fees.
  3. Communicate any feedback on the event or your experience as Responsibilibuddy to the Commons working group.

This is all an experiment! We will continue to change and improve the process as we learn from our mistakes.

Recurring Events

For recurring events, please keep in mind:

  • We cannot make unending reservations, there must be an end date, and OOC reserves monthly renewals. Usual practice is every 1 month.
  • Some hours in each room are made usable for free. But we cannot do this for all hours. Please seek contribution and offering when possible.
  • Be considerate of high-traffic times. Is this recurring event something that will take up space in place of other potential uses for the space? Or common uses of it?
  • Needs-based sliding scale is always a factor, as is value alignment.
  • Value alignment isn't just about the essence/purpose of the activity, but how the use of space affects others who would like to use it, how privilege effects these processes and how inclusive we are, and how preferential we are to those marginalized economically...

More Info Coming Soon!

Important Links