Responsibilities of and Guidelines for event Point Person(s)

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Also known as "Omni Point Person" and formerly as "Bottom-liner".

We use the name Responsibilibuddy at Omni Commons to signify that someone is taking on a role of responsibility. In particular, it is most often used to refer to an individual who is taking responsibility for the relationship and hosting of a group or event in the Omni Commons.

Below are expectations for being a Responsibilibuddy.


Responsibilities for acting as "Responsibilibuddy" or "Point Person" for an event hosted at Omni Commons.

Read more about the Calendar System and Booking System.

Prior to Event

  1. Coordinate with the event organizer to ensure there are no conflicts on the Omni’s calendar or concerns among Omni members about the event. Work with the potential renter and members of the Omni to resolve any scheduling conflicts or concerns.
  2. Share the Omni’s rental policy and pricing guidelines (found here: source: with the event organizer. Work with them to determine a rental rate that is fair and reasonable for all parties.
  3. Communicate the Omni’s expectations for behavior in the space (i.e., safer space policy) to the event organizer, as well as responsibilities for clean up and trash disposal after the event. source:

  1. Share the Omni’s rental contract (found here: with the event organizer and ask them to return a signed copy, as well as a 50% deposit for the rental fee, prior to the event. Checks should be made to the Omni Oakland Commons.
  2. If necessary, schedule time to meet with the event organizer to show them the space and discuss any concerns prior to the event.
  3. Update the event rentals tracking spreadsheet that is used for invoicing:

During the Event

  1. Be present for the event to answer any questions and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  2. If not already done, collect the signed rental agreement and remaining rental fee from the event organizer.
  3. Make sure the space is clean and excessive trash has been taken away after the event.

After the Event

  1. Return signed rental agreement and rental fee to Omni’s CFO.
  2. Thank the event organizer for hosting their event at the Omni.
  3. Communicate any feedback on the event or your experience as bottom-liner to the Commons working group. This is all an experiment! # We will continue to change and improve the process as we learn from our mistakes.