Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District

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Ttbid map.png

TTBID aka "Temescal BID" aka "The BID" in Temescal.


  • Board – Meets 4th Wed. at 6pm, Faith Presbyterian Church, 430 49th St
  • Committees / Tasks Forces
    • (DEED) DEsign/Econ Development Committee – Meets 3rd Thurs, 4pm, 510 49th St. #203
    • (PROMO) Promotion/Security Committee – Meets 1st Wed., 9:30 am at Doña Tomas
    • Neighborhood Council - Meets 3rd Wed. at 7 pm at Faith Presbyterian Church every other month on odd months.

District Maintenance and Safety

Peralta Service Corp.

PSC is the maintenance and clean-up crew within the BID. The PSC crews perform standard neighborhood maintenance operations, including graffiti abatement, trash pick-up, planter maintenance and watering, and removal of illegal dumping. The team cleans Zone 1 three days a week (M-W-F), and Zone 2 & 3 two days a week (T-TH). Every Monday, the team power washes "hot spots" throughout the district.

You can reach the Peralta Services Supervisor, Harold Dees via phone 510-377-8092 or email: hdees@unitycouncil.org

Source: http://temescaldistrict.org/About_Us

Management Plan

See full Management Plan here: (File:Telegraph Business Improvement District 2015 Management Plant.pdf)

From p.15:

1- Public Rights of Way and Sidewalk Operations (PROWSO): $ 290,000 60%

Examples of these special benefit services are allocated per benefit zone with Benefit Zone 1 parcels receiving a higher frequency of services relative to the Benefit Zone 2 and 3 parcels. All of these services will not replace or reduce current city services but will rather enhance services above their current general benefit level. Costs may include, but are not limited to:

 Regular sidewalk and gutter sweeping;
 Payment for debt services related to new pedestrian lighting;
 Median landscaping along 40th Street;
 Respond to complaints of aggressive panhandling;
 Timely graffiti removal, within 24 hours as necessary
 Tree and vegetation planting and maintenance
 Regular sidewalk steam cleaning
 Placement of additional trash receptacles;
 May consider private security services on bike or patrol on a situational basis as needed;

Level of PROWSO Special Service Frequency as determined by Benefit Zone:

Benefit Zone Sidewalk Sweeping

Zone 1: 5 – 6 days per week
Zone 2: 2 - 3 days per week
Zone 3: 2 - 3 days per week

From p.14:

Table 3 - A
First Year Temescal/Telegraph Business Improvement District 2015
Special Benefit Service Budget (Figures are rounded off)

Program or Service | % of Budget | Est. Cost of Benefit
Public Rights of Way & Sidewalk Operations(PROWSO) | 60% | $290,000.00
Marketing & Identity Enhancement (MEI) | 19% | $ 94,000.00
Administration/Government & Community Relations | 16% | $ 75,000.00
Contingency/Reserve | 5% | $ 26,985.00
Total First Year Budget | 100% | $ 485,985.00

From p.17:

Table 3 - B
Ten-Year Projection of Maximum Assessment for the
Temescal/Telegraph BID 2015

Projected Budget FY 1 | FY 2 | FY 3 | FY 4 | FY 5
Sidewalk Operations $290,000.00 | $304,500.00 | $319,725.00 | $335,711.25 | $352,496.81 


File:Ttbid bylaws.pdf


The primary objectives and purposes of this Corporation shall be:
A) To bring about the revitalization of the Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Community and its
surrounding neighborhood;
B) To bring about the investment of private and public capital within the
Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Community and its surrounding neighborhood;
C) To bring about the increased provision of quality public improvements and educational,
cultural, artistic, charitable, and social services within Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Community
and its surrounding neighborhood;
D) To bring about the increased economic well-being of residents, employees, businesses,
and property-owners within the Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Community and its surrounding
neighborhood; and
E) To promote business improvement within the Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Community
Association through activities which contribute to the economic and neighborhood well-being of 
Bylaws of the Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Community Association
the neighborhood in particular and the City of Oakland in general. 

Qualifications for Board Directors

A) Property owners who have fully paid into the Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Property
Business Improvement District (“TTBID”), as approved by ordinance by the Oakland City
Council in July 2014 (“Property Owners”), merchants within the District boundary with a current
City of Oakland Business License (“Merchants”), and community members who reside within or
reasonably near the District boundaries (Community Members At-Large”), shall be eligible for
nomination to the Board of Directors based upon active participation with the Corporation
including its committees, task forces, Board meetings, or otherwise for a period of not less than 
Bylaws of the Temescal/Telegraph Avenue Community Association
three (3) months, and support for the policies, goals and history of the Corporation. 
B) The Directors shall be elected in accordance with Article 4, Section 1 for staggered two
(2) year terms beginning on the date of election to replace those Directors whose terms are then