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  • Research other, similar projects to ours and how they're structured.


  • Create flyers, handouts, and invitations to monthly potlucks to distribute door-to-door in the neighborhood.
  • Contribute content (verbage, images) to add to the website:
  • More wiki documentation!


  • Each collective should review the Bylaws!


  • Replace electrical panels.
  • Install fire alarms throughout building.
  • Write an emergency evacuation plan
  • Install smoke detectors in every room
  • 2-3 rooms and a hallway still need to be painted
  • Running and bending electrical conduit to fix our a) ventilation system and b) comply with required # of exit signs & emergency lighting
  • Organizing & labelling tool area, tools & supplies.
  • [Even More Improvements!]


  • Moving bookcases from basement -> mezzanine
  • Sorting and putting away books in the mezzanine
  • Stamping and labelling books we're keeping


Please see 'Ballroom-Readiness' wiki page for detailed, ballroom-specific to-do's


  • Link WePay acct to bank
  • Create detailed budget for building improvements using the fundraising money


  • Fill out SS Application