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stuff in the building to fix


Remove all extension cords, replace with conduit or install outlets if necessary ---> still need to install conduit by 48th St entrance



  • Outlets on east/shattuck-side wall need to be: removed, wire-nutted, wrapped in elec tape, covered with blank faceplates. TURN OFF CIRCUIT FIRST. Note: furthest N outlet not disconnected, only outlet in the center of the wall
  • sink needs to have hole/leak repaired (stainless steel), and possibly re-mounted / re-caulked.
    • Need to remove blue masonite tabletop as it is weighing the sink down! Modify and return as actual cabinetry / surface.

Ballroom-Shattuck Exit Area

  • install light cover into flourescent panel (22"x3') - flourescents are 2x 2' bulbs


  • SW staircase up: Repair hole in south wall near floor immediately across from stairs (see south wall acoustic treatment)
  • SW & SE staircases: motion detectors up & down
  • SW & SE staircases: LED strip lighting on each side

Mezzanine Bathroom

  • outlet needs to be replaced with GFCI - Note: no ground; Gerald suggests decommissioning and installing new grounded plug in wall just above counter; go into wall from other side, need to locate grounded location
  • all exposed bulb fixtures need be replaced with covered fixtures (2x)

Mezzanine "Book Room"

  • 4"x4" Outlets affixed to top of Electrical subpanel must be removed from subpanel, and affixed to balcony (code violation) (3x)

Crow's Nest

  • Clear everything 3' in front of electrical subpanel including all cords, lighitng, etc --> double check periodically
  • acquire & install cover for light (fixture takes glass orb / cover around bulb, it is missing)
  • extend balcony railing to out in front of balcony hatch - on E side of R&J balcony (building & osha safety)

A/V Room

  • Patch long thinnish strip above door where conduit is exposed.
  • Patch hole near floor in NW corner of this room near door jamb. <--needs another coat but effectively done

Ticketbooth Room

  • Patch small hole in ceiling corner above ticket window where new conduit was run.
  • install new outlet (existing is cracked and not attached to wall

Front Area

  • cover floor sink behind front counter area w minimum 3/4" plywood cut out and sealant (trip hazard/health)
  • build secure mailbox



  • cover exposed wires in east wall (near bookshelf). can use a plate
  • get clear cover to put over wall switch for old electric timer in wall in big bookshelf unit in south wall of TL


  • south wall: close holes in basement wall where opened to remove mold.
  • LibLens room ventilation doesn't work. people can suffocate in there.
  • clear remaining junk


  • Acquire & install light fixture covers for the 4' flourescent fixtures in basement offices (bunker rooms) - roughly ~48"x16".
  • install protective bulb covers over remaining working 8' flourescents: 6x
  • replace bare-bulb fixture with covered fixture
  • re-attach and restore service to entire strip of 8' flourescents along west wall (closest to sudo) that had been decommissioned
  • acquire and affix 1'x1' ceiling tiles in NW corner of basement, so lighting fixture & strip of lights can be re-connected. ~120 tiles
  • Cut & attach drywall AND then also affix 1'x1' ceiling tiles to exposed ceiling areas in basement (2 areas)
  • Replace bad ballast in any 8' flourescent fixture (that is not turning on. If not sure try lights in it that do work in another fixture.

Bocce Court

  • hallway: install paper towel dispenser and paper towels
  • entire room perimeter - 5LB ABC fire extinguishers at correct height every ~75' - starting w under each exit sign


  • created dedicated space for storing excess lumber (long pieces), pipe, metal pieces, etc so they are not in jumbles (fire code).
  • west wall - run more 3/4" conduit further down west wall. Must know code.


  • run new conduit / circuits to reduce excessive extension cord usage (fire code)
  • west closet: clean up & seal west wall
  • west closet: put bulb covers over the 2x 4' flourescents
  • west closet: put bulb covers over the 2x 4' flourescents in annex/closet
  • west closet: replace ballast in flourescent fixture in this room
  • east closet: cover exposed octogon junction box in ceiling with appropriate octogon plate
  • east closet: replace exposed wiring from new LED fixture to ceiling with armored flex or EMT

Disco Room

  • light switch cover near 48th street door should be replaced by one with less-sharp edges (better-sized)
  • giant lateral file cabinet needs to be removed / find a better home somewhere JOHN GIVENS TO REMOVE - email photo
  • Trace & label ALL elec outlets in this room
  • A/V instructions need to be made for home stereo / speaker setup, mixer in crows nest etc. in this room
  • West exit door (top landing to 48th st staircase) needs be panic bar'd
  • install closer to main (east) door of disco room
  • install closer to west / emergency exit door of disco room
  • remove or permanently mount ALL LARGE UNMOUNTED PLATE GLASS MIRRORS in this room: safety hazard
  • hole in wall in west staircase down to 48th needs be covered
  • plate to be installed to cover exposed ceiling wires immediately in front of 48th st street door leading up to disco room
  • crow's nest west wall: exposed electrical wires / fixture needs to be covered (and traced)

Phat Beets

  • replaced busted circuit breaker in every electrical panel (like in the 42 breaker panel) with either working breaker or factory blanks.
  • remove 2x6 on ceiling on south side of room (move or cover all PB stuff)


shattuck-ballroom outer

  • need panic bars

shattuck-ballroom inner

  • needs to be hung, closers, panic bars

cafe-basement (big white door)

  • needs closer
  • fix panic bar

bocce hallway

  • needs rehang, closer, panic bar, lock


  • if possible, put closer on this door (may not be possible)


  • closer

mezzanine book room

  • Replace door handle with non-locking handle.

crows nest

  • Install real doorknob, remove latch

phat beets

  • replace locking main door to Phat Beets in hallway with twenty minute solid-core (fire-code)
  • put closer on main door to PB

Pink Room

  • to hallway: closer
  • to ballroom: closer


Ballroom Area

  • balance ballroom fans


  • Determine fix for leaking sink in 3-sink (weld?) - southmost sink (on left if you are behind bar)
  • Install floor sink under 3-sink as per health code

Crow's Nest

  • Make main (east) door to this room better fitting / gasketed against all air gaps so it functions for soundproofing
  • rebalance fan
  • ensure balcony hatch is robust enough to support 300lb standing weight
  • Refinish & airgap-seal east wall above loft in this room so room functions as soundproofing / air barrier to exterior of bldg
  • make north door to romeo & juliet balcony airtight (or better fitting) for turning this room into a soundproofing barrier

Mezzanine Bathroom

  • active ventilation needs to be wired & installed (exhaust) in current ventilation window
  • install door stop so the door can be propped open sometimes.


  • Create wider storage openings under stage. Not insubstantial. See stage storage build plan.

Ticketbooth Room

  • Install threshold plate to base of jamb (no more than 1/2" high as per ADA) to cut down on sound from ballroom
  • install gaskets to door jambs to cut down on sound.
  • Install door closer



  • Resurface kitchen floor, cover with quarry tile, or seal / treat concrete
  • Fix or replace corroded window frames along shattuck
  • Cut in mop sink in westmost pantry area
  • Acquire and install tankless water heater, check gas line diameter & exhaust ductwork
  • Purchase and affix Class-K extinguisher at correct height
  • Cover exposed wiring in FNB locked-pantry ceiling (with e.g. metal plate)
  • Install Ansul fire-suppression in hood
  • Replace entire 4' flourescent light fixture closest to stove (has 1x broken tube holder)
  • Acquire makeup air into kitchen (remove desk fan from duct, replace with something to code - 95% of hood CFM)
  • Put closers on both basement kitchen doors
  • steam clean stove hood
  • Knock out / expand west kitchen wall to next-west supporting pipe
  • Remove firred-out drywall, cover with FRP

Front Area

  • fix broken glass pane in 4th window west of front door in La Commune


  • between fridges: get an exterior outlet plastic cover for 4"x4" outlet box here, so outlets do not get wet if it rains when roof hatch is open
  • ~6" high barrier along balcony (to stop drinks etc from being knocked off onto those in cafe)
  • bathroom: install ceiling exhaust fan


  • Get clear cover to put over wall switch for old electric timer in wall in big bookshelf unit in south wall of TIL

Disco Room

  • test linoleum for asbestos content
  • remove linoleum (may need to hire certified abatement company if asbestos present)
  • sand wood floor and seal with water based polyurethane
  • all A/V & musical equipment (including in crow's nest) needs to be recorded (serial #s) and ownership determined
  • ensure remaining shelving along north wall of disco room is fixed/affixed more safely
  • pendant lights should probably be raised a bit higher up (low priority)
  • pendant light switch(es): consider replacing with dimmers
  • lightswitch cover near 48th st door should be replaced with one with less-sharp edges (better-sized)
  • weight load for high-up triangular shelves in corners to be assessed (julia) to determine if speakers etc can be placed there