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If your are likely to be uncomfortable with the description of human functions please do not read on.

During the Move there was a discussion that correctly established that there is no reason for separate Toilettes for different kind of people. It was noted, however, that the different restrooms have different numbers of receptacles with different throughput. For instance standing urination can only be comfortably performed by persons equipped with hoses. It was also discussed that a solution would be to provide funnels and hoses for the unprepared. One other proposed solution was the itemization of installed receptacles and Hand washing opportunities on the door of each restroom. While contemplating about toilet signs I realized that this could be taken even farther by monitoring the usage via sensors and displaying the availability of certain receptacles on the door.

  • The next step would be prediction of time until a spot is available.
  • After that suggestion of nearby occupied spots.
  • After that the broadcasting via Wifi indicating the likelyhood of availability on a Omnimap on dumbphones (maybe this would make them dumpphones?).

I leave you with Section 4.01 part (g) of the San Francisco Park Code:

"No person shall, in any park. without permission of the Recreation and Park Department: Emit, eject, or cause to be deposited any excreta of the human body, except in proper receptacles designated for such purposes;