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Here is a list of simple things you can do to help at any time:


  • Toilet paper
    • Take used toilet paper rolls off the holders.
    • Check that toilet paper is stocked in all bathrooms. If there isn't any left check the janitorial closet next to the stage (to the left, south west corner of the ballroom). If there isn't any there, go to Walgreens on Telegraph (a few blocks North of Omni).



Disco Room

Trash (typical garbage, recycling, and compost): how to help

  • When?
    • All trash goes out every Tuesday evening. If it is Tuesday evening.. go ahead and take it out to the curb!
  • Where?
    • The large bins for Garbage, Recycling, and Green waste (compost) are stored in a small room in the Northwest corner of the building.
    • On trash day, all bins must sit near the edge of the curb outside the 48th st Exit, in a line. (not against the wall of the building, or it may not be picked up.)
    • All trash must fit cleanly inside the bins and not be overflowing, or it may not be picked up. If there is trash that is not binned, do not bring it outside.
  • What about cardboard boxes?
    • Flatten & bundle all cardboard (do not put into bins, but leave to side in trash room):
  • All excess trash & recycling not fitting into the bins, must be taken directly to 'the dump' (usually, the Berkeley Transfer Station)

Sorting trash

    • a) Any cardboard boxes that are not broken down (still in a boxy shape), please break them down (so they are flat)
    • b) Bundle all flattened

On a Monday

On a Tuesday

On a Wednesday

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