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The Daily Trash (that gets picked up weekly curbside)

Helping out with trash is usually a daily, constant concern so - if you feel like helpin out, here's how! :)

Okay! Where does 'daily trash' go?

The Trash Room, located in the far northwest corner of the building.

All large, rectangular-ish, commercial trash bins that we bring to the curb for pickup, belong in this room.

If you see trash bins in the hallway please move them back into this room.

Wait. What exactly is 'daily trash'?

Trash that accumulates through normal daily use of Omni, not unlike household trash. All such trash goes into:

  • Garbage > into Brown bins,
  • Recycling > into Grey bins, and
  • Compostable/green waste > into Green bins.

How might I best prepare / sort / clean up the Trash Room?

The basic rule is, everything must fit cleanly into the correct bins, or it does not go into the trash room. The exception to everything fitting in a bin is cardboard boxes, if you see cardboard boxes mistakenly placed in the recycling bins, please try to pull them out, as boxes/cardboard will quickly take up the whole bin.

Rather, all cardboard boxes and large cardboard pieces must be:

  • a) Broken down,
  • b) Tied with string/twine (if you cannot find string, feel free to use tape.)
  • c) Placed in tidy separate pile(s) next to the trash bins - both in the trash room, and also out on the street on trash night
  • Examples of large cardboard: all cardboard boxes, ALL PIZZA BOXES, and all non-waxed produce boxes.
  • About special WAXED produce boxes:
    • Being coated with wax, these boxes cannot apparently be recycled alas - so they need to be taken back to whomever brought them there. Usually, back to Food Not Bombs (place them in the basement kitchen).
    • might be able to be composted - probably not, but this needs to be confirmed/double-checked. For now tho, bring back down to the FNB basement kitchen.

So what does go into the grey recycling bins?

All Cans, bottles, random paper and SMALL pieces of cardboard: Can all go in together, into any of the grey recycling bins. (LARGE pieces of cardboard do not put in the bins - see above).

When & how should I bring the trash out for Trash Day?

  • All trash goes out every Tuesday evening. If it is Tuesday.. by all means, go ahead and take it all out to the curb!
  • All bins must sit near the edge of the curb outside the 48th st Exit, parallel to the street ( and not against the wall of the building, or it may not be picked up.) If you see bins up against the side of the building, simply move them up to the curb.

When can I bring trash bins back in?

  • On Wednesday, after the bins have emptied, all trash should be brought back inside to the trash room.

What is not daily trash? What does not belong into the trash room?

  • No items that will not fit cleanly into a bin (except for cardboard boxes, as per above)
  • No bikes, bike trailers, bike parts; No furniture, tires, suitcases, bags, large pieces of metal etc.
  • No E-Waste or appliances - no computers, computer parts, circuit boards, power supplies, kitchen appliances, power tools, etc
  • No Construction or Demolition debris ('C&D'): No drywall, 2x4s, plywood, conduit, tiles, etc. This must be taken by whoever created it, in a direct trip to C&D disposal (most of C&D is recycled).
  • No Hazardous Waste: No fluorescent lightbulbs, batteries, paint/rollers, chemicals, cleaners, etc. This must be taken by whomever produced it, directly to Alameda Hazardous Waste disposal.
  • No large pieces of glass, or shards
  • No personal storage of any items
  • Items that are not daily trash are not to be brought to or stored in the trash room at all (or it gets insane in there)
  • All trash must fit cleanly inside the bins and not be overflowing, or it may not be picked up. If there is trash that is not binned, do not bring it outside.