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Omni Wishlist

Please email donations@list.omnicommons.org before bringing anything to the Omni to check if what you are offering is still needed.

Skills / Expertise

  • plumber!
  • electrician
  • architect
  • structural engineer

Appliances & Tools

  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Paper Towel Dispensers (2)
  • Induction stove (skinny, for upstairs kitchenette)
  • Window frames for corroded Shattuck-facing basement windows
  • 1'x1' ceiling tiles for basement (120)
  • Working power tools of all kinds, including attachments, bits, etc
  • Hand tools for primarily indoor use
  • bookscanner
  • Walkie Talkies!(these?)

Building Materials

  • Panic bars
  • Plaster
  • Full sheets of good drywall / sheetrock or plywood
  • Drywalling / sheetrocking tools and materials:
    • joint compound, "mud", spackle, joint tape, patch material, drywall knives/scrapers/spatulas, sanders, sand paper, sanding blocks, squares, nail guns, nails, drywall screws, staples.
  • Floor (hardwood, linoleum, cement, carpet, etc) cleaning / refurbishing tools and materials (e.g. buffers, grinders, washers, waxer, vaccuum)
  • Large amounts only of good, clean interior flat black paint, or exterior white paint
  • Electrical supplies including new / clean conduit, boxes, plugs, breakers, subpanels, spacers, wire (threaded and solid), wire-pulling devices, wire lubricant, caps, connectors, terminators
  • Fire suppression hood for commercial gas range
  • automatic door opener

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies are currently being stored in the little closet to the left of the stage in the ballroom!

  • smaller brooms and dustpans
  • rags & cleaning solution
  • Toilet Bowl Brush
  • dust masks
  • can never have enough of those multi-sided sponges where one side is rough and the other spongy.
  • Fan cleaner
  • mops
  • Solvents
  • bleach
  • eco-friendly cleaning products
  • paint thinner
  • goo-gone
  • dust mops
  • brooms
  • push brooms
  • gloves
  • dust pans


  • colorful tape for marking the floor (lines to bathrooms, ADA pathways, etc;)
  • Step Stools
  • Giant extensible ladder that can reach the rafters in Bocce ball court, cafe, and ballroom (or a scissor lift, if anyone happens to have one lying around!)
  • automatic door opener

Stage equipment

  • lights, LEDs, DMX controllers / system components,
  • ceiling-mounting hardware
  • sound equipment: stage monitors, amplifiers, speakers, sound boards, wires (rca, xlr, 1/4", 1/8", power, etc), mixers, snakes, microphones, microphone stands
  • fireproof stage curtains
  • Projectors and screens


  • Area rugs
  • paint brushes
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • Gallery equipment - fixture hangers, holders, attachments, wires, glues/putties, racks, track lighting
  • Money, any currency.