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The "Omni" understands that not all members believe in consensus and that sometimes consensus fails. Because of that, the "Omni" has a fall-back process for when another process besides consensus is needed.

  • When a member feels like consensus has failed, they are required to submit a "dance proposal" to the weekly delegates meeting. Dance proposals must be done impromptu, in the last 30 minutes of the meeting, and meet "interpretive" standards. Once the proposal has been made, a responsibilidancer must be appointed to be in charge of the proposal. The primary responsibilidancer does not need to be the one who brought the proposal forward.
  • Delegates must take the proposal back to their member collectives, attempting to preserve the impromptu nature and meaning of the performance as accurately as possible. They must then appoint their own deledancer to express their opinion on the proposal at the next meeting.
  • Deledancers are not required to attend the meeting in person. They may "remote" into the meeting, by submitting their thoughts on "youtube."
  • Deledancers who attend the meeting are required to participate in a "dance off" with the responsibilidancer. The final hour of the meeting must be given to the "dance off."
  • Once the proposal has been thoroughly debated, anyone who is not a member of a collective (for reasons of "fairness") at the meeting may vote through hoops, hollers, and sassy comments. Deledancers and the responsibilidancer should snap off into the distance during the voting process, to maintain neutrality.

These articles of association may only be changed via the "dance proposal" described above.