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These panels sort of still exist as empty metal boxes but they no longer contain circuit breakers. Most of them are totally dead and cold, but BAA is still live as a junction box. For the remaining live panels, see Electrical


Panel AA

This panel was cancelled in April 2021. It's in the ANV office, on E wall adjacent to Entrance Hall.


Panel AC

This panel is FPE but is no longer receiving power. It will be replaced with the kitchen remodeling

this panel is located on the East wall of the West pantry of the basement kitchen.

its feed was a 40A/40A double breaker from Panel A WHICH HAS BEEN REMOVED

this panel only powered the kitchen stove hood fan & light before this panel was then disconnected at its feed.

info Breaker #
nothing 4
nothing? 3
nothing? 2
hood fan & light 1


Panel ADA

This panel is located upstairs in the "shower room" which also used to house a hot tub and laundry machines.

Label -> Breaker #
Former Hot Hub 1


Panel BAA

This panel HAD Federal Electric breakers BUT is now only a junction box, and is no longer hazardous.

This cabinet is simply a junction box for a feed coming from Panel BA
in ballroom mezzanine and going to Panel BAAA
in Entrance Hall.
A screw prevents the door from being opened, and there is nothing to see in there.


single mystery breaker downstairs

In the basement, at your right when you go down the stairs. It says "exhaust fan", but does not have power coming in, and serves no known purpose. Breaker was removed and front panel capped off with a metal plate. Feed wires inside are capped off. (needs updated picture)