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What if one of the largest community centers and venue spaces in the Bay Area was run by a volunteer collective where everybody is a leader, where people give what they can and take what they need? We are trying to do just that, at the Omni Commons.

Who's in Charge?

Everybody! Members of our 11 collectives make decisions together using consensus - they're called "Delegate Meetings" because every group is supposed to send at least one person. Meetings are at 7pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, and open to all!

To make meetings shorter, our delegates have created working groups to do much of the work of running Omni Commons.

About Omni Commons

Organizational Structure

How To Participate

We love new people! There are many ways to get involved:

News & Updates

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  • As of December 2017 we've officially launched a crowdfunding campaign to upgrade the commercial kitchen in the basement and bring it up to code for use by Food Not Bombs, Phat Beetz, Counter Culture Labs, Bay Area Applied Mycology, The Village in Oakland #FeedThePeople, and others in the community in need of an affordable commercial kitchen.
  • As of December 2016 the Omni Commons now works to own the building!

Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers for many jobs!

  • Help answer our emails to info [at] omnicommons [dot] org
  • Make a big sign for above our front door that says "Omni Commons"
  • Apply for grants to fund Omni - there are many opportunities passing us by!
  • Assist with the ongoing maintenance and building projects large and small - there is no shortage of work to do in this big, beautiful building, and all forms of contribution are appreciated!