2014/05/03 Omni Hackathon/Using the common space / events

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  • Matt (sudo), Daniel (sudo), Jordan (sudo), Andrew (hackerspa/backspace), Noemie (sudo), Jenny (sudo), James (sudo), Alana (BAPS)

Common Spaces

  • Is the stage the only common space? How fluid/flexible will the building as a whole be? Conflicts in 2141 due to not knowing where to refer to for scheduling. Thus far, if you see the space isn't taken you get the space.
  • Do we want a vetting process for events? Vetting among the whole collective will be hugely time-intensive.
  • Are we going to charge for folks to hold events? Charge sometimes for some events? Charging for alcohol?
  • Javascript, Today We Learned - good to have multiple spaces to shuffle groups flexibly
  • Basement is another prominent common space
  • Common space governance
  • Many of these issues discussed in the Membership group [link to notes]
    • Beyond access, Maintenance & Stewardship
  • Thin layer of Omni policies everyone must follow (eg; if your space is open, there must be a member present)
  • Access to resources of alternative places for people to sleep - if they aren't available, we make it a goal to make those resources available
  • Noise pollution is an issue - creating quiet spaces (libraries)
  • Who do we charge and who do we allow to hold events for free?
    • Submission process - form online, submit a letter, show up at a meeting, or just request donations for the use of the room, work-trade (omni hours, omnicoin)
  • Common spaces should include some reservable spaces with the expectation of privacy
  • Minimum requirements of the common space: http://wiki.omni-oakland.org/w/Space_Requirements#The_Commons
  • Protocol and expectations for Working Groups - we need one specifically for the Common Space (resources that are shared among all members of the omni)
  • What about a live-in custodian?


  • Laying down basic structures - bottom-lining process, setup, cleanup process
  • Security during events - how to address issues that arise during events?
  • Full-fledged conferences
  • Working Group for Events?

Great Ideas

  • Arduino rebots that detect sound levels
    • With robot arms that go "shush!"
  • Movable partitions
  • Sound curtains
  • Geodesic domes, hexayurts
    • On the mothafuckin' roof!
  • Input/output control - vetting donations so we don't accrue a lot of cruft
    • Putting responsibility of the donated item on the donor


  • Articulate common shared areas
  • Articulate basic Omni policies
  • Articulate Stewardship responsibilities
  • Articulate bottom-liner duties (setup, cleanup, etc)
  • Protocol and expectations for Working Groups
  • Donation Vetting Crew / Process

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