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Flyers + Posters ready to distribute

Lineup: order + Awards names

Suggestions: Pravda-Ecstatic: Best Ode to the Bay Area Dream: Best life story music video The Real Bogeyman: Best Protest Video Showdown at Highway: Best documentary about the Indigenous struggle Pueblote : Aunti Frances Loves Mission Self-Help Hunger Program: Best character in a documentary / ... Afrikatown and Quilombo: Best ... Safi: Best personal movie about Islam Consequences of War: Best war movie

The Choice: Best portrait of Patriarchy Pressure: Best Teenage movie La Petite Salon: Best love story Chainwheel: Ballad of a Green Beret

Fat-shamed Into Self Love: Best film on self acceptance Khombo, by Bluu, 1 minute: best commercial break / Best action movie Checkmate: Best film about dissenting from school

You missed Black Skin White Tee. [Another lineup is presented further down]

Evening Schedule and logistics

4:00 PM Meet in Ballroom to set up the room. 7:00 - 7:30: Serve food and drinks: Angel and Jabari Pop Corn Anthony

7:25 Introduce Optikallusions. Explain: use your program to vote. and the Festival Use the ranking system; explain to people to vote for their 1st 2nd and 3rd favorite. 7:30 Show the films 9:15 Speech of 5 minutes while we tally votes: Jabari = stay for the movie Stay for the awards dragon fundraiser speech Group photo of filmmakers 9:30 - 10:30 Awards Q&A about the audience favorite at the end

=> Make a program/ballot: Noemie pens => List of awards: Noemie => Coupon for the food. 2 separate tickets: Noemie => Signup sheet: announce (ask if they want to do a monthly donation) => Flyers and ginger juice => noemie: send themes for speech. Bring Mac adapter => Lanyards and name cards - Liz => Liz is doing cards for directors the tech. Noemie: send the list

Entrance tickets and ushering: Noemie/ Anka Serving food and drinks: Angel and Jabari Tech: Liz

Preparing room Ushering Food + Drinks + Pop Corn (where?) [the bar in the ballroom] WE GOTTA TEST THAT POPCORN MACHINE :D IT WEEERRRRKKSSS Intro about OpAl and Festival

Break Food + Drinks

Awards (which ones and how to design them?) How much time per film (Q&A?)

Donations: reminder to give money and why

  • We are a video collective/ Community media project

Local collective that films stuff in the activist community

  • We do peer learning/ SHaring Skills and resources
  • We believe that there is a strong need for independent media, sharing resources so that the voice of the unheard will be heard.
  • Sharing stories that are not reported by mainstream media, or not well reported
  • We think everyone is capable of making good films
  • We do activist media but not only; We'd like to allow for folks to tell stories from their unique points of view
  • Nothing is more subversive than your imagination, so we believe that our project is revolutionary
  • What we've done so far: Videos for the Omni (crowdfunding one shot walkthrough of the omni) / Protests, working with OGC + Documentary on gentrification, Pedie video
  • We are renting a room dedicated to media post production
  • Why this event:
   ** we want you to join/ signup sheet [optikallusionsannounce]
   ** We are raising money for more production and post production equipment, renting room, etc.


We owe rent, not a sustainable situation We can install same thing as sudo humans so we don't need to collect money every month We need a bank account ASAP

Working Groups

List of small discrete tasks that need to get done. Look at it and see if there is something you can do.