A/V equipment and setup

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The ballroom stage, labeled to show major A/V gear

The Omni ballroom and theatre is home to enough A/V equipment for just about any event or performance.

Like what you see? Want to request an event booking? Please visit http://www.omnicommons.org/occupy/ - you can also ask for more information through that form. If you have other questions or would like to donate A/V equipment, please contact booking at omnicommons dot org.

Full A/V equipment list, as of Jan 28, 2015.

Mics, etc

  • 1 Shure SM57 Dynamic microphone (for vocals as well as musical instrument pickup)
  • 1 Shure SM58 microphone (for vocals)
  • 1 MXL 990 large-capsule condenser microphone (for vocals and acoustic instruments)
  • 5 adjustable mic stands

Amplifiers and mixers

  • 1 TOA powered mixer (model MCX 106), with tape cassette deck!
  • 1 Peavey power amplifier (model PV1.3K), installed above the stage
  • 1 Mackie 16-channel/4-bus compact mixer (model 1642 VLZ4)
  • 1 Crate mini-amp (model MRB-10)


  • 2 medium speakers (wired to the TOA mixer), for medium sound e.g., DJ music, dance performance
  • 2 stacks, for heavy sound, e.g., concert

Audio and power cables

  • everything you need, guaranteed
  • 8-socket APC surge protector

Main projector

  • Silver Panasonic Digital Projector (model PT-F200), perfect working condition, no case, dedicated detachable power and VGA cable

More projectors

  • Giant Infocus Digital Projector, 800x600 resolution, includes cables
  • White Sanyo PROTraX "Multiverse" Digital Projector, mild green tint in corner, no cables
  • Lightweight Wonderwall Digital Projector, in case, with attached power cable
  • Tiny LG HW350T 300 lumen Digital Projector
  • Dell 300 lumen LED Digital Projector
  • Toshiba Collapsible Document Projector, black case, dedicated cables


  • white sheets on stage, appx. 20x16'
  • white wall in ballroom, appx. 20x16'
  • roll-up screen on stage, appx. 8x8'


  • 1 upright piano, lovingly used on a regular basis, needs tuning (come help tune it!)
  • more in the basement..?