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Please follow all of the following guidelines when adding events to the calendar:

  • Log in here:
  • In the sidebar, notice the Events menu item, hover over it to see the options available for events.
  • If this is a one-time event, select the Add Event option.
  • If this is a recurring event, select the Recurring Event > Add Recurring Event
  • Create an Event Title for public display on the calendar with other events
  • Add a helpful and informative description, include any external links here, which may also be public.
  • Optional: Add Tags for the event, one at a time, in the right-hand sidebar
  • Choose an Event Category below the Tags widget, depending on who is hosting the event. If the event is not sponsored by an Omni member-group, choose others' events. If the event is a general Omni event, choose omni events. If the event is a working group meeting, choose omni working group meeting.
  • Make sure to add the Date and Time information (widget area below Description)
  • Add a Location from the drop-down menu. Check the floorplan here if you aren't sure which room is called what. If the location is outside of Omni, you can add the location in the sidebar: Events > Locations > Add New Location
  • Upload a Featured Image, such as a flyer, if you wish. It will appear as a thumbnail when folks mouse over the event on the calendar.
  • Publish the Event and you're good to go!
  • When publishing from the calendar, Social Broadcast is on by default, so you will be prompted to publish on the @omnicommons Twitter feed as well as our Facebook page.

Please add any feature requests or bug reports to the Riseup Pad here: