Challenging Dominant Culture Working Group

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  • what are we tasked with? keeping omni true to its values
  • what are we empowered to do autonomously? nothing
  • what are we not empowered to do? we don't make policy without delegate consensus. we're not judges or arbiters.
  • we view the OOC as a body without organs. we want our work to infuse every corner of it.


  • Find ways to share leadership and direction
  • Make our public meetings more accessible and welcoming to newcomers
  • Reach out to Omni's neighbors for input
  • Develop a process of integrating cultures
  • Develop a method to assess and integrate language styles and archetypes validity
  • Creating safe space within the Omni and a Conflict Resolution Policy including alternatives to police intervention
  • Making invitations to diverse stakeholders
  • Challenging our current representative democracy

Action Items

  • Translate 1-sheet into plain, accessible language – building on from communications group
  • Draft conflict resolution policy
  • Reach out to the surrounding neighborhood to elicit feedback on what they'd like the space to become
  • Create ongoing ToDos list to better distribute tasks/responsibilities

Meeting Minutes

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