Challenging Dominant Culture Working Group

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Exploring bias and issues of diversity and inclusion in the space. Challenging dominant cultural influences and developing projects and relationships more in line with values of social justice, safe space, radical commoning, and anticapitalism.

  • Bottom-liners: Kazoo and Margit


  • Find ways to share leadership and direction
  • Make our public meetings more accessible and welcoming to newcomers
  • Reach out to Omni's neighbors for input
  • Develop a process of integrating cultures
  • Develop a method to assess and integrate language styles and archetypes validity
  • Creating safe space within the Omni and a conflict resolution policy/procedure including alternatives to police intervention
  • Making invitations to diverse stakeholders
  • Challenging our current representative democracy

Action Items

  • Translate 1-sheet into plain, accessible language – building on from communications group
  • Draft conflict resolution policy
  • Reach out to the surrounding neighborhood to elicit feedback on what they'd like the space to become
  • Create ongoing ToDos list to better distribute tasks/responsibilities

Meeting Minutes

Event:2014/04/28_Inclusion_Task_Force_Meeting Event:2014/05/12_Challenging_Dominant_Culture_Meeting Event:2014/05/15_Challenging_Dominant_Culture_Meeting Event:2014/05/19_Challenging_Dominant_Culture_Meeting Event:2014/05/26_Challenging_Dominant_Culture_Meeting