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==New exit from Bocce ball Ct to 48th str==
==New exit from Bocce ball Ct to 48th str==
File:140613 4799 Shattuck Ave p2.png|DK's proposed exit changes, preapproved by John
File:Omni main floor new exit.png|Patrik's proposed exit changes

==Wishlist Projects==
==Wishlist Projects==

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Use this page to document planned or ongoing Omni construction projects. Please include floor plans and/or photographs so everyone knows exactly where any proposed construction is planned to happen. Consider creating a separate page for larger projects, but link to it with a short summary from here.

Use the Annotated Floorplan as the basis for your drawings (or the Detailed Drawings if you absolutely need specific details). And please use the names and numbers in square brackets on these floorplans to refer to specific rooms:

List of building repairs/improvements in no particular order

URGENT: ADA wheelchair lift

Something like this: Wheelchair lift.jpg

URGENT: ADA bathroom

URGENT: Required upgrades for fire code

Fire extinguishers and exit signs

New exit from Bocce ball Ct to 48th str

Wishlist Projects

See also Parked ideas about the Omni.

  • Refinish (or just clean & polish) ballroom floor
  • Tear down marquee to open up ballroom windows
  • Roof garden
  • Strip garden along building facade on 48th