Parked ideas about the Omni

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Someday, maybe, somehow, perhaps...

  • Monthly community barbeque, engaging our neighbors
  • Individual memberships in the Omni, with badge to access commons
  • Remove bars over outside windows
    Either way, they need to be made to open from the inside - fire code issue.
  • Video "windows" of the street outside, using webcam feeds to bring the outside inside.
  • Parklet outside like Farley's
  • Bicycle parking out front
    May be important for negotiating with city planners. We can fit racks for 40-60 bikes. See Bike Parking
  • Climbing wall in the Boce Ball court!
  • Big "OMNI" sign on front, with each of the letters made by a different group (dibs on the "I" for CCL). Can be lit up from battery powered by small solar panel on the roof.
  • Install solar panels on the entire roof!
    • online calculator estimates we could install a ~100kW system for $200K (after rebates); pays back for itself in 8 years