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Use this page to document planned or ongoing Omni construction projects. Please include floor plans and/or photographs so everyone knows exactly where any proposed construction is planned to happen. Consider creating a separate page for larger projects, but link to it with a short summary from here.

Use the Annotated Floorplan as the basis for your drawings (or the Detailed Drawings if you absolutely need specific details). And please use the names and numbers in square brackets on these floorplans to refer to specific rooms:

-->>> Omni building tasks and needs – running list <<<--

List of building repairs/improvements in no particular order

URGENT: ADA bathroom

Requirements: Per the lease, all construction that we'll be reimbursed for 50% by our landlord has to be signed off by a licensed contractor. For design requirements, see:

Construction almost done, but please don't use this bathroom yet until the floor tiles are patched up - wouldn't want to get any spills seeping into the fresh cement!

The door to the ADA bathroom is currently locked.


I would talk to Ben [Burke] about this. I don't know all of the details but I am fairly certain that we are waiting on the permit before we can finish the bathroom (inspections require certain things to be open such as plumbing).Ben likely knows what the status of the permit is, I think.
I think DK has the key but Ben or Yar may also have one. This bathroom is not currently up to ADA code and we should not have folks using it until it is.


Last time I worked on this bathroom was before the BACH unconference. We tried to work around the untreated concrete issue by mounting the toilet through a garbage bag. But I made a really stupid error when designing this solution and it's a good thing nobody used it because if the wax seal isn't perfect, it could stain the concrete with poop water. Last time I saw it - over a month ago - the toilet was still sitting there full of water that, when flushed, could possibly leak into the concrete. It's a very good thing it was locked. For all I know nothing has changed and it's still sitting there over a poorly engineered garbage bag. There were two keys in existence and I gave one to David Keenan, another to David Brazil.

URGENT: Required upgrades for fire code

Fire extinguishers and exit signs

ADA wheelchair lift

Requirements: Per the lease, all construction that we'll be reimbursed for 50% by our landlord has to be signed off by a licensed contractor


We plan to replace this system with a more permanent installation in the future, when building modification plans have settled a bit.

New exit from Bocce ball Ct to 48th str

New sinks for CCL

Omni main floor CCLplumbing.png

Wishlist Projects

See also Parked ideas about the Omni.

  • Refinish (or just clean & polish) ballroom floor
  • Tear down marquee to open up ballroom windows
  • Roof garden
  • Strip garden along building facade on 48th