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This page provides a "living document" of the Omni Commons electrical system. It is not necessarily completely accurate, though it strives to be, and is always important to get updated!

3 of these panels are Federal Pacific Electric and need to be replaced ASAP: A, AB, BA

Also see our page on power usage


  • In 2021, Kent Cates (electrician) evaluated all our panels and wrote a brief report

    Inspection of Electrical System at Omni Commons - 4799 Shattuck ave - 2/5/2021. Main Electrical service is 200 amps, Copper wire Thhn. There are 12 sub panels throughout the building , Feeder wires are Copper THWN and THHN wire. Found 1 small panel that had Aluminum wire. Panel types were General Electric, Federal Pacific, Siemons, Industrial Electrical. Sub Feed wiring is in Conduit and MCC, wire type is Copper Thhn, THWN and some cloth covered ires. No Aluminum wire was found. There was No Knob and Tube wiring found in the building.


  • Main Panel (in ANV office, room E of rear [48th St] exit)
    • Panel A (adjacent to main in ANV office)
      • Panel AB (in basement next to N staircase)
      • Panel AD (located upstage left in N corner of W wall of ballroom)
      • Panel AE (located in storage room S of stage in N corner of W wall of ballroom)
    • Panel B (in Crow's Nest above stage in ballroom)
      • Panel BA (in rear ballroom balcony near S wall)
          • Panel BAAA (behind Entrance Hall counter on S wall)
    • Panel C (in Disco Room at base of ladder to DJ booth)
    • Panel D (in ANV office on E wall shared with Entrance Hall)
  • CCL Panel - (Located next to door into CCL / sudo room area) - Apparently not yet documented here?

X = Disconnected

Main Panel

Omni's main electrical panel
Label -> Breaker # Breaker # <- Label
Panel B & Panel D 200amps 1 2
3 4
Panel A 200amps 5 6
7 8
X 9 10 Panel C 100amps
11 12
Storage #5 / Trash Room 13 14 n/a
15 16 n/a
Storage #5 / Trash Room 17 18 n/a
Counter Culture Labs
(CCL) Closet
19 20 n/a
21 22 n/a
n/a 23 24 n/a

Panel A

Panel A
Panel A open

This panel is Federal Electric and needs to be replaced ASAP.


Label -> Breaker # Breaker # <- Label
1 21 Panel AE
2 22
Panel AB 3 23
4 24
formerly AC, now nothing 5 25 Panel AD
6 26
7 27
8 28
9 29  
Upstairs (cafe mezzanine) kitchen light /
Upstairs (cafe mezzanine) bathroom lights /
Exit Sign at top of W cafe mezzanine staircase
10 30 Sudo Room outlets
on South Wall
Outlets along north wall of entrance hall 11 31
Hood over oven in upstairs
kitchenette (cafe mezzanine) /
W Wall Kitchenette Outlet (R of sink) /
W wall kichenette outlet (Above oven in alcove)
12 32
13 33
14 34
15 35
16 36 X
17 37 Blue Classroom S wall outlets
2 TIL Office Lights (upstairs) /
Front Door Exit Sign /
Two Lights on Beam at entrance
18 38
Light fixture and outlets in
Blue Classroom alcove on N wall
19 39
Upstairs kitchenette (cafe mezzanine) S wall outlets /
W Wall Kitchenette Outlet (L of sink) /
N wall kitchenette outlets (at entrance) /
Outlets under bar on S Wall of Disco Room
near S Wal of Kitchenette
20 40

Panel AB

Panel AB

This panel is Federal Electric and needs to be replaced ASAP.

In 2019 we added another circuit to this box to power lights & outlets in the secure storage closet above it. In the confusion, something may have been switched around. Liblens briefly lost power. Needs to be re-assessed and re-labeled.

Label -> Breaker # Breaker # <- Label
20A basement furnace? 8 16 15A
7 15 15A Liberated Lens, other small basement rooms & adjacent outlets.
15A kitchen & pantry lights 6 14 15A
20A 5 13 15A large basement meeting room - most outlets except on south wall
20A 4 12 15A lights in large basement meeting room & rear basement hallway
20A Ballroom Furnace 3 11 15A
15A Entrance Hall
2 10 15A basement flourescent lights
30A kitchen outlets, fridges 1 9 15A basement flourescent lights

Panel AD

Panel AD

Located upstage left (facing the ballroom) in North corner of West wall of stage

Breaker # Label
1 GFI outlet (used for
screen printing sink in
Mezzanine Shower Room)
2 Vanity lights above stage
Stage Left Ballroom Floor Outlets
3 Upstage Center outlet

& Stage Left Outlet

SE Ballroom (Library) Bathroom Lights

& Exit Light

4 Stage Right Ballroom Floor Outlets

& Stage Right Outlets

5 NW Ballroom (piano) Bathroom Light

& NW Bathroom Hallway Light

6 Crow's Nest Interior light/fan

& SW Ballroom Staircase Light
& Ballroom Mop Closet Light
& Lights beneath Ballroom Mezzanine
& AV Room Lights

Panel AE

Panel AE

This panel is no longer FPE and the info/picture needs to be updated

Label -> Breaker # Breaker # <- Label
Stage left floor outlet/s 1 2 Ballroom Under Bar
Outlet #2 (from L)
Stage right floor outlet/s 3 4 Ballroom Under Bar
Outlet #1 (from L)
Ballroom Shattuck Entrance's Exit Signs (3)
Ballroom Under Bar
Outlet #3 (from L)
5 6 Stage Storage Room (office #3) Outlets
Ballroom Under Bar
Outlet #4 (from L)
7 8 X
Ballroom Balcony S Wall Lights
& SW Staircase Exit Signs
& SE Staircase lights / exit signs
& SW Ballroom wall outlets
9 10 X
X 11 12 X

Panel B

Panel B


Label -> Breaker # Breaker # <- Label
X 1 2 X
X 3 4 X
X 5 6 Basement Vent
X 7 8
Panel BA
(Ballroom Balcony)
9 10 Sudo Equipment
11 12
Sudo Room Servers 13 14 X
Outlets in Room adjacent
to Crow's Nest
15 16 X
X 17 18 Exhaust Fans & Outlets in
over-stage Crow's Nest
X 19 20 Sudo Room outlets
on South Wall

Panel BA

Panel BA

This panel is Federal Electric and needs to be replaced ASAP.

Label -> Breaker # Breaker # <- Label
Ballroom Fans 1 2 Balcony Chandelier (Single)
Ballroom Rafter/Lattice
Disco Ball
3 4 Ballroom Chandeliers
X 5 6
Aux #4 7 8 Panel BAAA (in entrance hall)
X 9 10
Ballroom Rafter/Lattice
Disco Ball Lights
11 12 X
Aux #1 13 14 Aux #2
Aux #5 15 16 Aux #3

Panel BAAA

Panel BAAA
Label -> Breaker # Breaker # <- Label
n/a 2 1 Outlet under counter
(circuit 5 breaker nfg)
n/a 4 3
Outlet (twist lock)
on counter
6 5 Outlet Under Counter
8 7 Outlet next to Counter
(1ft above floor)
& Outlet under counter

This panel used to be under the entrance hall bar counter. When that counter was demolished, this panel was moved to the wall.

Panel C


I couldn't find this panel to take a picture --yar

Panel D

Panel D

100 amps

There is a wire in this box that comes from the other side of the wall, in a junction box 5' off the ground covered with a 2 gang Plastic Blank Wall Plate which is joined to wires assumed to go to outlets lower on that wall. But since we didn't see the expected result when we hooked it up, it's not connected right now. Also there are no available circuits left in this box. That wire is labeled inside this panel.

Fan Panel

single mystery breaker downstairs

It says "exhaust fan", but does not have power coming in, and serves no known purpose. Breaker was removed and front panel capped off with a metal plate. Feed wires inside are capped off. (needs updated picture)


Documentation Protocol

Any building's electrical system is intended to serve the needs of the users of the building in a safe manner. However, we operate within constraints such as the historical developments of the electrical system, regulations, best practices, etc. In order to reduce ambiguity and risk, we must use a consistent documentation protocol throughout the system to understand and share knowledge of historical, current, and future uses.

Naming Convention

  • Label the main electrical panel as "MAIN"
  • Label the direct sub-panels of the main panel with a letter, e.g. "A", "B".
  • Label each sub-panel that is connected to a first-tier sub-panel of the main panel.
    • "origin panel letter" + "sub-panel letter" + ... (for each sub-panel add another letter) ...
      • e.g. "AA" for the first sub-panel from panel "A"
      • e.g. "AAB" for the second sub-panel attached to panel "AA"
  • For each circuit, label each outlet, switch, and load with:
    • the appropriate sub-panel name (described above) + "breaker number"
      • e.g. All the outlets in one room that are on the same circuit should be labeled "CA4" meaning the circuit is on breaker 4 on panel CA, which is the first panel originating from panel C that connects to the Main panel.
    • the draw on the curcuit
      • e.g. 20 amps

Here is the OLD breaker panel diagram


  • We are especially (not exclusively) updating our electrical system documentation on a room-by-room basis.
  • As you work throughout Omni Commons, you should only use the system described above to map the electrical system.
  • All other systems will be overridden.
  • You can print this page and the building floorplans above in order to document the labeling you make on the actual outlets, panels, etc.
    • After labeling and writing on the printed building floorplan, deliver it to any member of the Building Working Group.