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Power meters

The measurement units are located inside the Omni's main electrical panel and the Counter Culture Labs electrical panel. They each consist of two current meters (clamps) connected to a modem that transmits the measured data along the electrical wires inside the building. Each has an associated display and logging unit.

The Omni display and logging is located in the passage between the Omni exit by Phat Beets and Omni main entrance hall. This shows the over-all usage of the entire building.

The CCL display and logging unit is located next to the door into the eastern back room inside CCL (it has the number 2 over the door). This shows the usage of Counter Culture Labs only.

To see historic measurements press and hold the Mode and right arrow buttons until the display says "HISTORY". Then use the Mode button to cycle back one month at a time. Be aware that the power usage will be listed for the 1st of each month, but that is actually the power usage for the entire previous month.

sudo room has the manual for the power meters.


The CCL measurement device was installed in April 2019.

September 2018

  • All of Omni: 7797 kWh

October 2018

  • All of Omni: 7364 kWh

November 2018

  • All of Omni: 6227 kWh

December 2018

  • All of Omni: 6612 kWh

January 2019

  • All of Omni: 7059 kWh

February 2019

  • All of Omni: 9161 kWh

March 2019

  • All of Omni: 7388 kWh

April 2019

  • All of Omni: 5885 kWh

May 2019

  • All of Omni: 5609 kWh
  • Counter Culture Labs: 1823 kWh

CCL used 32.5% of all Omni power

June 2019

  • All of Omni: 6057 kWh
  • Counter Culture Labs: 2183 kWh

CCL used 36% of all Omni power

Peak times

In the middle of the night we typically pull ~6Kw. At our busiest nights (Tuesdays) we often pull 14Kw. During one busy weekend the meter was at 19Kw.

Major loads

area average watts
CCL ~2500?
Sudoroom servers 488
Sudoroom tables 161
Den computer lab 134
Ballroom bar freezer 131
Sudoroom fridge 47
Subtotal 3461
Unknown + 2539
Total = 6000