Event:2014/09/16 Facilitating Collectivity

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  • Meet at Omni in La Commune at 7pm


  • Given the discussions and difficulties of last weeks delegate meeting, I think it essential that we continue to put time into defining the difference between Tenant and Collective and create a proposal together that establishes this for the Omni
  • Jenny has previously worked and revised a proposal http://wiki.omni-oakland.org/w/Governance/Proposal that we should return to, discuss and collectively revise
    • The intent is to 1) loosen the power of existing Omni delegates toward a more open consensus model, 2) empower working groups to make decisions independent of the delegate meeting, and 3) to create terms for tenants in relation to member-groups and fiscally-sponsored projects of the OOC.
  • We should check back in on the survey we discussed last week
    • This survey is meant to find out the structure of each collective (how they make important decisions, how many members they have, how they decide upon delegates, how they raise money, etc.) and what they can currently commit to the Omni (financially and physical labor)