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Building Bloc meeting #8 Saturday January 23, 2016


Meeting notes & poems here: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Building_Bloc

  • if you don't want your comments in the meeting notes, just say so at any time!

who's here

name, pronoun, a hope you have for omni, what you think BB's role is

  • yar, she/her, i hope it'll be full of people all the time; volunteer fair!
  • mary, she/her, still be here & similar to this (but better) in 20 years, bringing new fresh ideas & faces
  • matt g, he/him, hope it never dies, getting people involved to volunteer
  • shirin, she/her, still figuring it out, but a good starting point to omni for me. hope it is for others too!
  • matt s, he/him, fly on the wall
  • abe, he/him, that is stays, exists, doesn't close down; to introduce new people to the space. people who don't know where to fit, a good way to start
  • dragon, he, do more artwork / expression, dunno

new members


matt g

  • are you a member of other collectives?
    • finance wg, sort of the public school. they're having a crisis now, but still a member
  • talk about groups having a crisis and losing energy after occupy
  • What name should we call you?
    • matt
  • Why are you at omni?
    • i think omni is great. i help out with finance.
  • What do you do here?
    • i'm the treasurer
  • What struggles do you face at omni or in general?
    • lack of resources
  • What do omni's values mean to you?
    • idk, i mean, i think they're important and the space is important in oakland.
  • What do you need from us?
    • just your love and friendship!
  • What do you have to offer?
    • i'm not really sure what i can do for the group, but i do what i can
  • What are you grateful for?
    • being here and being well
  • will you follow & share with omni on social media?
    • i already do!
  • Do you consent to being in photographs?
    • yes
  • do you want us to add you to any mailing lists?
    • i think i'm already on them
  • what's the best way to contact you?
    • email
  • do you want a key card?
    • already have a key
  • what's your schedule like? when are you usually available for volunteer hours?
    • i work m-f until 6pm and surf on weekends. evenings best
  • how far away do you live?
    • down the street
  • does anyone else have questions?
  • matt: not sure what you guys do
    • mary: we're getting started, figuring out what we're gonna do

kloyne court

  • shirin did a screening, lots of people are interested in helping with omni. not much money, but lots of time!

volunteer fair

  • saturday march 12 has nothing going on in ballroom
  • step 1: send a feeler email to omni-discuss to confirm it's a good date. let's do this today
    • save the date
    • looking for at least 1 member from each collective & working group
  • birdhouse
  • offer free computer classes from sudoroom
  • FNB fundraiser happening february 14
  • not too many hours.
  • someone walks up and asks about buildingbloc, asks about the event, says she is teaching genetic classes thursday 28th from 7-9 pm, every other thursday lecture, every other sunday basic lab skills, counterculture labs
  • shirin: who needs most volunteers?
  • commons working group
    • fundraising working group
    • conflict mediation
    • public school needs people to teach classes
  • contact each working group & collective

future meeting times

  • weekends are better
  • weekly or every other week? yar prefers every other week
  • maybe online poll is more democratic
  • next meeting is 2 weeks from now - sat feb 6 4pm?
  • we'll consult others before setting a regular time


  • just for us, for now. in january?
  • when? after our next meeting! potluck.

being a member collective

  • first ask delegates for permission to make key cards for our members
  • then ask to be a member collective
  • do we want to do that? everybody nods.
  • yar can go to delegates meetings for the next couple months. matt g and mary can do some too.
  • are we a working group?
    • maybe we're functioning as one
    • we sort of inherited our reason for existing from welcoming committee & CDC
  • we'll draft our member collective application here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/bbapp