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Building Bloc is a new collective for people who love Omni and want to help it thrive!

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Here is a complete history of Building Bloc, as told in meeting notes, consensus decisions, and collaborative poems:

date new members decisions poem
2015-10-26 Daron
  • all decisions, including adding new members, default to consensus of existing members
2015-11-02 Joe
  • people can vote without going to a meeting, but if they don't come and don't say anything, they abstain
Second times are evidence that entropy isn't existential always!
2015-11-07 Julio
  • we value emotional, cultural and social labor as much as we value money, electrical skills, putting up drywall or cooking food
Third person decisions happen including everyone!
2015-11-11 Maggie Fourth-most-ness try at every meeting or gathering don't even say what you desire.
2015-11-15 Shirin
  • Our short-term goal is to collect all working group members who aren't part of existing collectives, or anyone interested in helping with our goals, and then to become an Omni member collective.
  • Our medium-term goal is to create a quick, easy path for new people to have a sense of ownership over the space, and give them a good experience which orients them to Omni's values and social contract.
  • Our long-term goal is to transform Omni into a place for alternatives to capitalism, equitable distribution of power & resources, solidarity with people in struggle, fighting gentrification and freedom from harassment and violence.
Bridging understanding is showing us the way.
2015-11-24 Stirling
  • talked about throwing a party in January
  • new members are provisional for a week. if nobody objects after the week, then they're a full member
bundle creates heat. warm feet. fire breathing members organize to meet, on shattuck and 48th street!
2016-01-07 Yar and Julio met briefly before Delegates Meeting. Need more people to have substantial conversation. help! dance towards us! rejoice! we need more friends here!
2016-01-23 Matt
  • Party in 2 weeks
  • volunteer fair March 12
  • we'll apply to be a member collective
  • tell announce list about our next meeting, reach out to new working group people
2016-02-20 talked about outreach strategies, poster text
2016-03-08 Christine talked about april's first friday, printing new materials, omni fair on 4/29
2016-03-19 Ibalu talked about childcare, front door sign

New Members

To become a member of Building Bloc, you show up to a meeting and we ask you these questions:

  • What name should we call you?
  • Why are you at omni?
  • What do you do here?
  • What struggles do you face?
  • How do omni's values align with yours?
  • What do you need from us?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • will you follow & share with omni on social media?
  • will you consider donating money to omni?
  • how do you feel about being included in group photos?
  • do you want us to add you to any mailing lists?
  • what's the best way to contact you?
  • do you want a key card?
  • what's your schedule like? when are you usually available for volunteer hours?
  • how far away do you live?
  • does anyone else have questions?

Then all the members at that meeting need to consent to you being a member, and another week needs to pass for other members to object. Then you're a member!