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Meeting minutes 3/10/22

Omni Commons Event Group Meeting

  • present: marquise, micha, nicole, sarah L, joe, patrik

recent requests

  • New Leaders Council
    • they want 4 saturdays, 8:30-5:30, $125/day. relatively quiet, they want a projector.
    • can we let them eat food? it's during the day.
    • require vaccine or recent covid test?
    • sarah's meeting them tomorrow
    • worry about food making a mess and cleaning after them. tell them if they leave a mess the first time, the deal is off
    • also ask for cleaning deposit or fee if not cleaned after event
    • Could tell them we may need to charge more for May and June events
    • urge them to pass a hat
  • Patricia's wellness pop-ups
    • we'll pursue an in-person real-time dialogue with patricia
  • palestinian youth movement -Micha will run point
    • a dozen people hanging out and chatting, private, with some food, they want a screen and chairs
    • in 2 days!
    • request that if they have future events we could share fundraising proceeds for OMNI
  • Ferocious Lotus
    • want rehearsal space - ballroom or disco room?
    • evenings during the weekdays and/or during the day on weekends
  • World Folk Jam
    • friday april 15, 7pm-midnight
    • 500 people is not possible
      • sarah: capacity is 275 because we haven't installed alarm system
    • offered $1000 but are throwing parties in berkeley hills mansions
  • skating party???
  • other ideas
  • community [something]
  • pig farm

general event request logistics

  • how do we take requests? how to turn an idea into a contract?
    • why do we need a contract? The reason we need a contract is to have paper work in the future that demonstrates that the space was used for charitable purpose

OMNI is a 501 C3

  • how do we work with each other? do we need a shared values statement?
  • scaling up the group in size is necessary but hard and scary!

Wordpress calendar: https://omnicommons.org/blog/calendar/ old semi-obsolete instructions to putting events on our wordpress calendar https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Calendar_System follow these instructions to get a key card to the building https://omnicommons.org/keys/ yar: someone recommended this but i haven't looked at it https://www.skedda.com/ maybe we could meet in person this saturday

  • marquise: maybe think about it as an accessibility thing?
  • marquise is willing to help fix some of the website & interface problems over the next month
  • sarah: first i'd arrange a walk-through if they're not familiar with the space. or virtually with your phone. then talk about what they're gonna do. food? tables? chairs? light? av equipment? are you bringing stuff? do you have somebody who knows how to set it up? when do you want to show up and load in stuff? give them shpiel about cleaning. figure out door access. ask questions about parking, if they need to bring things in early, if they need secure storage. deal with payment. who's going to be on-site? who do we deal with to get money and make sure needs are met?
  • nicole: it seems like being point person for an event is serious labor, and we're short on labor. have we considered making a position with commission?
    • sarah: legally it's bad as a nonprofit, but that's a good point, pay someone hourly rate to staff events. we've talked before about creating an on-call pool of people who want to do this work.
  • imma: idea for rallying the current email list, energize them to say "you've been part of this, don't you wanna save it?"
  • How about a paid event organizer position? Doing a $1K event twice a week doesn't seem realistic with only volunteer labor
    • Yar: Omni already had a long discussion about this, and approved the concept
  • Sarah: note that $7-8K/mo target can also partially be filled by donations, grants, recruiting new collectives, or revitalizing existing collectives so they can go back to paying the level of rent they were paying 3yrs ago.

covid safety

  • Did DK and Elon finish doing ventilation measurements? SL: i don't think so; i think we have another fan issue
    • Elon did take some measurements a few weeks ago. Ventilation in Omni better than most other places. Cannot give concrete recommendation for Disco room with no active ventilation but large windows.
  • Should we have different occupancy levels depending on Covid community level, vaccination status, mask usage, food use, physical activity, etc?

To Do:

  • easy to sign contract? explore different options
  • update request form, currently using air table. - Sarah will edit to make more flexible
  • update wordpress calendar? try another software?
  • Try to integrate request intake and calendar updates -Marquise will take point
  • Streamline set up for events so we're prepared for big events coming up, know where things are Sat 3/12
  • revitalize founding document, mission statement, recreate processes to meet 8k a month goal balanced with mission of providing free community space
    • aim for $750-$1000 per weekend day, $100 per week day for month of May-June
  • come up with clear covid guidelines for OMNI, how do we come up with that collectively?
  • OMNI communications, email, slack, delegates meetings, - other options?

People who have more knowledge of lighting,

Meeting Improvements!

  • Enforce Stack, culture of popcorn style stack enforcement
  • Share screen with timer running
  • when discissing email requests/requests use share screen to be able to throuroughly read through event details or nely onboarded members will have questions later.