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Omni Commons Event Team meeting Wednesday April 6, 2022 1pm


  • Yar: excited to streamline the process and make it easier to onboard new volunteers
  • Sarah, David, Micha & Marquise: present but did not check in

A/V options?

  • people keep asking for fog machines but we don't have one. why do they think we have one?
  • does the website have an outdated lists of available things?
  • maybe people are looking at this? https://omnicommons.org/wiki/A/V_equipment_and_setup
  • maybe present a broad category of things rather than specific models of equipment?
  • save volunteer labor by having a clearer intake for this? checkboxes with optional links to more detail
  • currently no projection screen in ballroom, so temporarily remove that
  • the request form lists a fog machine! it's generated on airtable
  • in-person A/V tutorial to go through things in A/V room



Pending Events:

  • Fri Apr 22 overnight bday [Micha]
  • Fri Apr 29 family not a group (maybe)
  • Sat Apr 30 Labor Notes Fundraiser (DSA) [Joe]
  • Fri May 6 memorial [Joe]
  • Sat May 7 tv show [Joe]
  • drop-in center
  • World Folk Jam? [Yar]

Choose an online ticket sales platform, enable phone payment systems for at the door ticket sales all owned and managed by Omni. Keep petty cash for cash ticket sales.