FTP Short Film Festival

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Thanks to everyone for coming to our festival! We had a great time and enjoyed sharing our fun selection of films with you. And again: thank you for your generous donations!

Here is the lineup of the festival with links to most of the films! 1. Khombo ~ 1:00 by Bluu (Oakland, California) A stop-motion animation by a local 7'th grade student.

2. Pressure ~ 2:05 by Lily Yu (Oakland, California) An exploration in the daily stresses of a teenage girl.

3. Checkmate ~ 4:00 by Lily Yu, Jasmine Ehrhardt, Stephanie Hoang (Oakland, California) This visual interpretation of a spoken word piece explores the struggle of a student facing the decision to drop out or stay in school.

4. Dream ~ 4:07 by Marielle Boland and Julia Retzlaff (Berkeley & San Francisco, California) Dream is an experimental music video about a young woman coming to terms with her demons and addiction.

5. Fat-shamed into Self Love ~ 3:37 by Lour Darden (Los Angeles, California) A reenactment of the director’s own personal dealings with public fat-shaming and self-image.

6. And They Jumped Into The Water…Some ~ 8:37 by Lois Moses (Philadelphia) While trekking through “The Middle Passage”, enslaved Africans are confronted with a perplexing choice, demonstrating some freedoms require great sacrifice.

7. La Petite Salon ~15:00 by Caroline H. Le (Oakland, California) Quynh, a young Vietnamese American woman, works at her mother’s hair salon. There she feels displaced within the Vietnamese culture and community.

8. The Choice ~ 8:18 by Caleb Parazette (San Francisco, California) A teenage boy has made a monumental decision about his sexuality which he shares with his father.

9. Safi ~ 4:30 (password : to be confirmed) by Rinkesh Patel (San Francisco, California) Safi is an attempt at exploring an ordeal that a person might go through in order to maintain the beliefs that he/she was born with.

10. Black Skin, White Tee ~ 0:47 by Remo Conscious (Oakland, California) A visual poem on racial profiling and being human in Oakland, California.

11. The Real Bogeyman ~ 4:00 Original music and video by Remo Conscious (Oakland, California) A music video showing the FTP protest following the non-indictment of Michael Brown’s murderer, Darren Wilson, on November 24th, 2014.

12. Showdown at Highway 134 ~ 5:12 by Franklin Lopez (Montreal, Canada) SubMedia.tv witnessed the brutal raid by the Royal Colonial Mounted Police on the indigenous Mi’kmaq blockade of fracking equipment.

13. Ballad of the Green Beret ~ 5:00 by Kevin Keating (San Francisco, California) This black and white film follows a few days in the life of a veteran of America's endless wars.

14. Consequences of War ~ 5:57 by Leland Mitchell Tong (Fremont, California) A short psychological thriller about our current theatre of war, and the toll it takes on many of our veterans and their families.

15. Pure Lung ~ 10 :32 by Kent Kessinger A film about the issues facing Honduras currently.

16. Chainwheel ~ 13:00 by Sean Tambour Marshall (San Francisco, California) Black youth in the United States reconnect to African Indigenous cultures, and resist European Imperialist culture, racism, and police brutality.

17. Welcome To Afrikatown ~ 6:02 by Caitlin Manning (Oakland, California) The Afrika Town Community Garden combats the displacement of Black/Afrikan people amidst the rapid gentrification of West Oakland.

18. Pueblote ~ 7:11 by Esteban Noyola, Cyrus Bautista, and Marielle Boland (Berkeley, California) PODER's youth program, Urban Campesinos, strives to make social and environmental change in their community.

19. Aunti Frances Loves Mission Self-Help Hunger Program ~ 7:45 by Lucas Guilkey (Oakland, California) Aunti Frances, adopted and raised by the Black Panther Party, coordinates a free meal every week in Triangle Park/Driver Plaza in North Oakland.

20. Pravda Ecstatic ~ 3:07 Tsering Norbu (Oakland, California) A musical ode to the Bay Area.