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Thanks to everyone for coming to our festival! We had a great time and enjoyed sharing our fun selection of films with you. And again: thank you for your generous donations!

Here is the LINEUP of the festival with LINKS TO MOST OF THE FILMS!

1. Khombo ~ 1:00 by Bluu (Oakland, California) A stop-motion animation by a local 7'th grade student.

Best Action Film Award

2. Pressure ~ 2:05 by Lily Yu (Oakland, California) An exploration in the daily stresses of a teenage girl.

Best Youth Perspective Award

3. Checkmate ~ 4:00 by Lily Yu, Jasmine Ehrhardt, Stephanie Hoang (Oakland, California) This visual interpretation of a spoken word piece explores the struggle of a student facing the decision to drop out or stay in school.

Award for Best Metaphoric Video

4. Dream ~ 4:07 by Marielle Boland and Julia Retzlaff (Berkeley & San Francisco, California) Dream is an experimental music video about a young woman coming to terms with her demons and addiction.

Best Rap Video Award

5. Fat-shamed into Self Love ~ 3:37 by Lour Darden (Los Angeles, California) A reenactment of the director’s own personal dealings with public fat-shaming and self-image.

Most Courageous Film Award

6. And They Jumped Into The Water… Some ~ 8:37 by Lois Moses (Philadelphia) While trekking through “The Middle Passage”, enslaved Africans are confronted with a perplexing choice, demonstrating some freedoms require great sacrifice.

Best Visual Poetry

7. La Petite Salon ~15:00 by Caroline H. Le (Oakland, California) Quynh, a young Vietnamese American woman, works at her mother’s hair salon. There she feels displaced within the Vietnamese culture and community.

Best Family Drama

People's Choice Award!

8. The Choice ~ 8:18 by Caleb Parazette (San Francisco, California) A teenage boy has made a monumental decision about his sexuality which he shares with his father.

Best Satire Award

9. Safi ~ 4:30 by Rinkesh Patel (San Francisco, California) Safi is an attempt at exploring an ordeal that a person might go through in order to maintain the beliefs that he/she was born with.

Peaceful Warrior Award

10. Black Skin, White Tee ~ 0:47 by Remo Conscious (Oakland, California) A visual poem on racial profiling and being human in Oakland, California.

Poetic Rebellion Award

11. The Real Bogeyman ~ 4:00 Original music and video by Remo Conscious (Oakland, California) A music video showing the FTP protest following the non-indictment of Michael Brown’s murderer, Darren Wilson, on November 24th, 2014.

Poetic Rebellion Award

12. Showdown at Highway 134 ~ 5:12 by Franklin Lopez (Montreal, Canada) SubMedia.tv witnessed the brutal raid by the Royal Colonial Mounted Police on the indigenous Mi’kmaq blockade of fracking equipment.

Victory Against Oppression Award

13. Ballad of the Green Beret ~ 5:00 by Kevin Keating (San Francisco, California) This black and white film follows a few days in the life of a veteran of America's endless wars.

Award for Best Screenplay

14. Consequences of War ~ 5:57 by Leland Mitchell Tong (Fremont, California) A short psychological thriller about our current theatre of war, and the toll it takes on many of our veterans and their families.

Award for Best Anti-War Movie

15. Pure Lung ~ 10 :32 by Kent Kessinger A film about the issues facing Honduras currently.

Most compelling movie

16. Chainwheel ~ 13:00 by Sean Tambour Marshall (San Francisco, California) Black youth in the United States reconnect to African Indigenous cultures, and resist European Imperialist culture, racism, and police brutality.

Nat Turner Award

People's Choice Award!

17. Welcome To Afrikatown ~ 6:02 by Caitlin Manning (Oakland, California) The Afrika Town Community Garden combats the displacement of Black/Afrikan people amidst the rapid gentrification of West Oakland.

Award for Best Local Struggle Movie

18. Pueblote ~ 7:11 by Esteban Noyola, Cyrus Bautista, and Marielle Boland (Berkeley, California) PODER's youth program, Urban Campesinos, strives to make social and environmental change in their community.

Best Guerilla Gardening Movie

19. Aunti Frances Loves Mission Self-Help Hunger Program ~ 7:45 by Lucas Guilkey (Oakland, California) Aunti Frances, adopted and raised by the Black Panther Party, coordinates a free meal every week in Triangle Park/Driver Plaza in North Oakland.

Most Badass Hero Award

People's Choice Award!

20. Pravda Ecstatic ~ 3:07 Tsering Norbu (Oakland, California) A musical ode to the Bay Area.

Award for Most Creative Editing

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