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When faced with the threat of covid-19 and capitalism, Omni Commons remains committed to be a place to organize, to collaborate, to learn, to celebrate and to develop networks of mutual aid. We must however take caution and act responsibly to protect our community. We ask that organizers interested in using the Omni as a space for mutual aid activities review and implement the following guidelines.

Commons Use Protocol Under COVID-19

How to Request an Event:

  1. Check the Omni calendar for other events in the room you want on the date(s) of your interest.
    • Event request applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and responded to within a week
    • Events are held throughout the different rooms in the building. Read about the spaces in the Omni to see which ones may be suitable for you. Visit us and see the space yourself!
    • Read about the audio-visual equipment we have available for you.
  2. Read our policies:
  3. Submit an event request using the Event Request Form below and our events team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Request Event

If you have any issues, contact us directly at

Our event capacity is limited by not having enough volunteers. If you'd like to help us host more events, please join the Commons Working Group. We need your help to keep Omni busy and thriving!