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Moveable Walls

IMG 0187.JPG


Walls are : Height: ~84" high (from floor) Length: ~98" long Width/thickness:

  • Just the wall part itself is: 4.25" thick, not counting moulding around top and bottom
  • Rolling bracket / casters: stick out 7.5" from wall on ea. side.
  • Moulding:
    • 1/2" around bott
    • 2" around top

Other measurements:

  • Rolling bracket is 20.5" wide total (from caster on one side of the wall to the other)
  • Bottom of wall (top of rolling bracket/casters) is 5.75" off the ground
  • Wall itself, measuring from the top the rolling brackets upon which it rests, is 78. 3/8" to top of moulding