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Moveable Walls

IMG 0187.JPG

Very nice well-built rolling moveable walls with integrated electrical outlets, built to code, electrican can daisy-chain together (wall to wall)


  • Walls are:
    • Height: ~84" high (from floor)
    • Length: ~98" long
    • Width/thickness:
      • Just the wall part itself is: 4.25" thick, not counting moulding around top and bottom
      • Rolling bracket / casters: stick out 7.5" from wall on ea. side.
      • Moulding:
        • 1/2" around bott
        • 2" around top
  • Other measurements:
    • Rolling bracket is 20.5" wide total (from caster on one side of the wall to the other)
    • Bottom of wall (top of rolling bracket/casters) is 5.75" off the ground
    • Wall itself, measuring from the top the rolling brackets upon which it rests, is 78. 3/8" to top of moulding

Cost & Quantity

  • # walls currently avail: 8. Possibly another 4 more later.
  • Cost per wall is ~ $400/wall. Seller wants $420 (already talked down from much more). Should be able to get them for $400/ea
  • Total: for 8: $3200.
  • Seller is Hugh (who recently donated a large plotter to sudo room). He rents part of the Berkeley Design Center, where the walls reside:
    • Berkeley Design Cetner
    • 3195 ADELINE STREET BERKELEY CA (Near Ashby BART Station)
    • hours: 10-5


  • Birdhouse has given $1500 toward the cost of these walls.
  • Request $1700 from Omni Commons


  • Incredibly useful for code & soundproofing