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Pests - the non-human variety.

If you would like to help out, please join our new mailing list,

Reported Sightings

Please email with any rodent or other pest sightings. A picture of the area would be most appreciated, especially if you noticed where they seem to be coming in/out of the building or room.

Space stewards

We need YOUR help! We would like to have someone assigned to each area in the Omni, to help patrol, empty, and reset traps, search for entrance holes, and keep an eye out for left out food or leftovers. If you can help and be a steward for your area, please email us at

The following areas already have a steward (highlighted in green). Please consider volunteering for any of the spaces that currently do not have a steward listed yet, especially the ones highlighted in red. Refer to the Omni Commons Floorplan if you are not sure what these areas refer to and the red Xs on the maps indicate trap locations:

  • Basement:
    • Food Not Bombs Kitchen & Pantries:
    • Basement Hall:
    • Basement Library:
    • Crawl Spaces:
      Steward needed!!
  • Ground Floor
    • Trash Room:
      Steward needed!!
    • Walk-in Freezer + room in front:
      Steward needed!!
    • Phat Beets room:
    • Counter Culture Labs:
      Patrik D. + Ken C
    • Sudo Room:
      Robb + Patrik
    • A/V equipment room
    • Entrance Hall / Cafe area
      Steward needed!!
    • Ballroom
    • Ticket Booth Room/ABDC
    • Kids' Room + Pink class room
  • Upper Level
    • Disco Room
    • Kitchen + Counter Area
    • Upstairs Den + Public Terminals
    • Timeless Infinite Light Office
    • Omni Office
    • Ballroom mezzanine, Library & Restroom


We currently have two electronic mouse traps, and seven electronic rat traps (post here if you know of any more!)

  • Mouse trap #1:
Current location: trash room; against the wall directly to the left as you enter the room
  • Mouse trap #2:
Current location: upstairs fridge area, underneath the wooden rack of shelves against the wall, to the left of the fridges
  • Rat trap #1:
Just received Oct 2017. Destination: Basement Kitchen
  • Rat trap #2:
Just received Oct 2017. Destination: Basement Hall (?)
  • Rat trap #3:
Just received Oct 2017. Destination: Trash Room
  • Rat trap #4:
Just received Oct 2017. Destination: Sudo / CCL (?)
  • Rat trap #5:
Just received Oct 2017. Destination: Upstairs Refrigerator
  • Rat trap #6:
Just received Oct 2017. Destination: Upstairs Den / Public Terminals (?)
  • Rat Trap #7:
Currently under repairs (Robb had it last). LED did not light up when flipping power switch, even after putting in fresh batteries.

There are also large snap traps deployed throughout the building. More can be found in the Secure Storage room. Here is a video that shows a great way to bait the traps:

Cleaning Protocol

Take precautions before and during clean up of rodent-infested areas. Before cleaning, trap the rodents and seal up any entryways to ensure that no rodents can get in. Continue trapping for a week. If no rodents are captured, the active infestation has been eliminated and enough time has passed so that any infectious virus in the rodent’s urine/droppings or nesting material is no longer infectious.

  • Before starting clean up of the space, ventilate the space by opening the doors and windows for at least 30 minutes to allow fresh air to enter the area. Use cross-ventilation and leave the area during the airing-out period.
  • When you begin cleaning, it is important that you do not stir up dust by sweeping or vacuuming up droppings, urine, or nesting materials.
  • There is a 'rodent abatement' crate located in the secure tool storage closet. Wear gloves and a dust mask at a minimum.
  • You should not sweep/vacuum without first wetting down the area with a diluted bleach mixture. There is a white mister with a hand pump located in secure tool storage for this purpose. The ratio of bleach:water should be 1:10.
  • After the area has been sprayed down and let to soak for 5 minutes, use paper towels to wipe up any droppings and nesting materials. Place them in two layers of clear trash bags and tie shut tightly.
  • Spray with disinfectant and/or mop the area after it has been cleaned.

Plugging Holes

  • The abatement crate has an assortment of wire mesh, chicken wire, metal flashing, and quickcrete. Fill any holes with the mesh or chicken wire, cover them with a layer of quickcrete, and/or cover with flashing.
  • Rats can fit through very small holes - if you notice any wide enough to fit your thumb through, that's the rule of thumb.


We have a large quantity of pheremone-based glue traps that have been working well on roaches. They can be found in the Cleaning Closet. Current traps are located in CCL, the basement kitchen, the upstairs kitchen, and the upstairs bathroom.


The best way to keep flies under control is not to let let any food sit out to rot, and keep a tight fitting lid on any composting waste containers.

Fly catcher ribbons are cheap, non-toxic, and reasonably effective. We may also want to invest in some fluorescent fly lights for the trash room and Fermentation Station in CCL.


How to Get Rid of Ants - tons of good home remedies!