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This is a stub page about all the 2D print studio machines!

Offset Press

The big giant thing.

6'3" x 30.5"

needs full working radius

Vandercook Letterpress

Similar to offset but runs by crank

approx 8' x 26"

needs full working radius

(this is arriving tomorrow)

Galley Cabinet

when you've set a block of text and it's ready to be printed, that's called a "form"

this cabinet holds standing type while it's "tied up in a form", i.e. in active use

needs front access, ideally back access as well

42" x 23.5"


platen press, which means it uses a plate

human-powered, makes metallic clapping noise

needs at least front & side to use, ideally more for oiling, maintenance etc


"chandler & price"

big version of the tabletop

runs on a flywheel / tredle - foot powered

32" x 50"

this is the thing in the bar upstairs right now (coming down tomorrow)

type cabinets

stores type cases when not in use

needs front access

paper folding machine

could easily make pamphlets & zines, playbills for events, etc

belongs to david brazil

on a cart covered with the "baumfolder" sack