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This page is for historical reference only. It does not represent official community consensus, and it has not been fully curated in years. Please see our Founding Document and our history of Meeting notes.


See some progress made during the Values session at the Omni Hackathon.

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Values by Implications of Questions

Questions can serve as guiding values that are open-ended and non-prescriptive. Questions can also help inform more precise ways of phrasing our values.

  • How do we put our collective resources behind anti-oppression?
  • In what ways do we promote speaking truth to power, internally and externally?
  • ...

Relative Values

Similar to sudo room's values, the Omni Collective values some things over others (rather than absolutes), and hopes to encourage the use of these value statements to evaluate future situations and act with these relative relationships in mind:

The Omni Collective chooses to value:

  • Community over seclusion
  • Consent over coercion
  • Communing over isolation
  • Consensus over factions
  • Do-ocracy over bureaucracy
  • Process over the tyranny of structurelessness
  • Cooperation over competition
  • Commons over private interest
  • Interdependence over centralization
  • ...

Values based on Founding Document

The Omni Collective chooses to value:

  • Fostering radical discourse and education
  • Maintaining an active, publicly accessible commons
  • Providing a venue for innovative cultural production
  • Striving for social, economic & environmental justice
  • Standing in solidarity with all oppressed people
  • In support of cultures of consent and against rape, violence & exploitation
  • Safe spaces
  • The survival & thrival of our communities and neighborhoods
  • Create a community where we can be autonomous in a non-alienating environment

Relative Values Remix: "Moving towards ... Moving away from"

  • Activity / Engagement ... Passivity / Apathy / Hopelessness / Apolitical
  • Creativity ... Productivity
  • Community ... Alientation
  • Consent ... Coercion
  • Dialectic / Rhizomatic ... Programmatic

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