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'''Outstanding resource: [http://calnonprofits.org/resources/starting-nonprofit/15-launch-articles/65-first-steps-articl Step-by-Step Guide for Starting a California Nonprofit ]'''
'''Outstanding resource: [http://calnonprofits.org/resources/starting-nonprofit/15-launch-articles/65-first-steps-articl Step-by-Step Guide for Starting a California Nonprofit ]'''
===Mailing List===
===Mailing List===
===Meeting Notes===
===Meeting Notes===
* [[Event:2014/06/19 Legal Governance Meeting]]
* [[Event:2014/06/19 Legal Governance Meeting]]

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Working Groups

See the Calendar for information on upcoming working group meetings, and to find past meeting notes!

Communications Working Group

We work on public-facing communications (messaging, outreach, press and public relations) as well as internal communications (inter-group collaboration tools, wiki, mailing list and other tools for communication and collaboration).

Mailing List


Meeting Notes

We keep our notes on a Riseup Pad named OmniComms.

Challenging Dominant Culture Working Group

Exploring bias and issues of diversity and inclusion in the space. Challenging dominant cultural influences and developing projects and relationships more in line with values of social justice, safe space, radical commoning, and anticapitalism.

  • Bottom-liner: Sarah P. and Niki S.

Mailing List


Meeting Notes

Legal and Governance Working Group

Coordinating logistics around legal consultations, permitting, and governance/decision-making, as well as helping to coordinate concrete proposals around governance and guidelines for group members in the space.

Outstanding resource: Step-by-Step Guide for Starting a California Nonprofit

Mailing List


Meeting Notes

Finances Working Group

Ensuring the continued financial health of the Omni Oakland Collective.

Quarterly Financial Health Questionaire

Mailing List


Meeting Notes

Ballroom Working Group

Focusing on scheduling and coordinating use of the ballroom.

  • Bottom-liners: Maryanna (maryannalachman@gmail.com) and Jeremy (jdalmas@gmail.com)

Meeting Notes

Building Construction and Maintenance Working Group

Focusing on physical construction, maintenance and alteration projects. Including organizing work parties, sharing skills

  • Bottom-liners: Patrik is willing to co-bottomline, together with someone else

Mailing List


Meeting Notes

Construction Projects

Working Group Protocols

(NOTE: For help creating correct wiki pages and adding events to the calendar, contact Vicky (vknoxsironi at gmail dot com], Jenny [jenny at sudomesh dot org] or Matt [mattsenate at gmail dot com])

In order to make progress on many different aspects of this project, please use the following protocols. The intention is to support horizontal, consent-based, transparent, good-faith collaboration.

Start a Working Group

Hold Working Group Meetings

  • Before the meeting begins, designate a facilitator and a scribe to take notes
  • Conclude the meeting with Outcomes or Action Items and schedule next meeting
  • Post meeting notes to the wiki on the Event page (making it discoverable through the calendar)
  • Prepare report-back for weekly Omni Collective meeting.

Join a Working Group

  • Check the Calendar and attend the next meeting of the working group.
  • Directly contact the individual(s) bottom-lining the group.
  • Show up to a meeting, or use the communication channel specified for that group to stay in touch.

Make Progress in a Working Group

  • Set goals that aspire to deliver on the working group's "mission" or purpose.
  • If necessary, outline tasks in order to reach each goal.
  • Make progress on and seek to accomplish any tasks that contribute to the working group's goals.
  • When a working group's goals require feedback, formal approval, or simply consent from the Omni Collective, create a proposal:
    • Present this proposal to the Omni Collective delegates meeting to ensure each member-group can build consent in their respective community as necessary.
  • When a working group has several divergent options or ideas and cannot come to resolution on them alone, then create proposals that represent these options and present these in some way to the whole collective:
    • Present proposals at an Omni Collective meeting for feedback
    • Ask for feedback on the omnilogistics@lists.riseup.net email list
    • Ask for feedback from other working groups, member-groups, or individuals that are not involved with your working group.
    • Rinse, repeat until you have garnered improvements to your proposal from the invaluable experiences and contributions of everyone involved with the omni collective, ultimately building consensus among the entire collective.