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Working Group Protocol

[ NOTE: For help creating correct wiki pages and adding events to the calendar, contact Jenny [jenny at sudomesh dot org] or Matt [mattsenate at gmail dot com] )

  • Create Working Group wiki page and link to it here:
  • Schedule regular meetings and add them to the Calendar:
  • Announce upcoming meetings on the omni-announce list at least 24 hours prior to meeting:
  • Before the meeting begins, designate a facilitator and a scribe to take notes
  • Conclude the meeting with Outcomes or Action Items and schedule next meeting
  • Post meeting notes to the wiki on the Event page (making it discoverable through the calendar)

How to Get Involved with Working Groups

  • Check the Calendar and attend the next meeting of the working group.
  • Directly contact the individual(s) bottom-lining the group.

Working Groups


Work on public-facing communications (messaging, outreach, press and public relations) as well as internal communications (inter-group collaboration tools, wiki, mailing list and other tools for communication and collaboration)

  • Bottom-liner: Joel and Jenny

Meeting Notes

  • Tuesday, April 29th at 7pm @ The Speakeasy

Challenging Dominant Culture

Exploring bias and issues of diversity and inclusion in the space. Challenging dominant cultural influences and developing projects and relationships more in line with values of social justice, safe space, radical commoning, and anticapitalism.

  • Bottom-liner: Margit

Meeting Notes

Legal / Governance

Coordinating logistics around legal consultations, permitting, and finance/budget, as well as helping to coordinate concrete proposals around governance and guidelines for group members in the space.

  • Bottom-liners: Andrew and David K

Outstanding resource: Step-by-Step Guide for Starting a California Nonprofit

Meeting Notes

Space Ops

Focusing on allocation and governance of space in the building, bringing ideas for space usage to concrete proposals and cultivating a team of "Space Stewards" for maintaining the space.

  • Bottom-liner: Ahnon

Meeting Notes