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Sunday. Jan 24th 2016


  • Liz (remote)
  • Shilmat
  • Gerald
  • Josh
  • Dennis


  • The Alt Ex event went well. We made a couple contacts, and set out flyers for our next few film nights, which several people were interested in attending. Let's make it good!
  • The Humanist Hall---Debate on Bernie Sanders February 5--possibly for documentation
  • February 6th Unitarian Universalists (same event)
  • Rally for Prisoners Rights, February 1st--Sacremento 1-5p

Marcus bookstore event

Feb 4th, 7th pm, Marcus bookstore. Any update from Josh or Anka?

Film nights

Bryan Gibel's film, Chicago Confessional

Tuesday Jan 26th is coming up quick!

  • Who will be there to set up, and what are our designated roles?
    • Shilmat (Audio)
    • Dennis (Doorman)
    • Gerald (Popcorn)
  • Currently there are 8 people who have RSVP'd on facebook (one of which is Liz, who won't actually be there...). Where else can we publicize?
    • .announce list (done)
    • Flier places we haven't been yet
      • Long Haul
      • Health food stores
      • Qi'lumbo
      • Merritt College
  • Did Gerald and Kwaku finish the short they were working on?
    • Still needs work
  • Need another short to fill time
    • Found some short peices on current events in Chicago
      • BLM gatherings in Chicago
    • Need more
      • Death penalty
      • Chicago corruption

Black History Month film nights

Feb 16th: Black Power Mixtape.

  • Last time we talked about the possibility of inviting long-time organizers in the black power movement. This would require more organizing and publicizing. Any reportback from Josh or Gerald about contacting people?
    • //Discussion// on whether or not we should let the audience talk amoungst themselves or have a panel present
    • what about the guest speakers casually talking with the audience in small groups? pod discussions. and this won't matter if we don't have any guest speakers, so what's the report-back?
      • Some e-mails were sent, no responses---Gerald will hook it up with the Angela Davis/Bobby Reed contact
      • Lets move on for now then
  • Needs to be posted to Omni calendar and FB (Indybay is done already)
    • Liz will post to Omni
    • Ask Anka on FB

Feb. 23rd: Skin

  • Needs to be posted to Omni calendar and FB (Indybay is done already)
    • Liz will post Omni
    • Ask Anka on FB

Seeds of Struggle

Editing process

Last session was rife with technical issues. We edited Gail's interview for content but it needs to be re-synced, and the edits remade. Liz can do this but she's out of town till Feb. 3rd. In the meantime, Wanda's interview needs transcribing, syncing, and editing. Can anyone commit to a transcription first? Remember to keep track of the movie file and the timecode for her comments, so that it's easy to find in the footage later. Please check the text file for Mr. Scott's interview (Documents -> text docs -> "Mr. Scott transcribed" or something) to see what I mean.

  • Note to any editors: I'm not sure that nesting the synchronized sequences is what we want to do. It doesn't seem to update when changes are made in the original sequence. I could be wrong about it, but it needs more testing. It would be problematic in the future. For example, with Gail's interview, one of the camera angles was not synced with the audio. I didn't notice because I was just looking at the other camera angle the whole time, and I erroneously assumed someone else had synced it already. When I fixed it in the original sequence, the change was not reflected in the nested sequence. I will correct the problem later, but for now I would recommend syncing and editing for content within the same sequence.
    • What footage do we need yet?
    • I think this is recorded in some past notes, but we haven't gone through the material again to determine for sure

Social Media

Jessica set up a Twitter account for Seeds of Struggle: https://twitter.com/SeedsOfStruggle

  • Liz: I'm completely ignorant about this. There are all sorts of re-tweets that aren't related at all to the topics presented in Seeds of Struggle... Is this normal? Is it just a way of keeping followers engaged?
  • we'll talk to her later
    • discuss what political or ideological followings the twitterhandle is associated with

The interview Jessica and Dennis did last week is available in a folder called "Behind the scenes", in the Seeds of Struggle folder on the LaCie hard drive. It was suggested that someone take this opportunity to show Jessica how to open a project file (the settings you want are DSLR -> 1080p 24fps, unless someone changed the frame rate on the camera, but we usually use 24fps), import footage, sync video with audio (we didn't do a clap, you'll have to find a hard consonant in his speech), make edits, basic sound filtering, possibly make titles, add music (optional), and export (and those settings will depend on the distribution). We could at least begin the process, if there are any volunteers.

Internal operations

Filmmaking course preparation

Getting a compehensive discussion going about equipment and filmmaking workshops has been like wrangling cats. Liz is starting a communal document where everyone who is able and willing to put on a workshop can outline more precisely what they plan to do. This way we can start to build a syllabus and finalize which equipment/software is most useful and necessary.

TABLED (meant to go on the doc anyway, so it doesn't have to be discussed now)


  • Cash box: $264.56
    • Liz took out $7 for bridge toll to AltEx event
  • Savings: $90.01
  • Checking: $4,592 minus $17. Will update again soon.

Action items

  • update patxu OS <- Liz did not do this before she left, tsk tsk :(
    • then try Pluraleyes
  • fix printer, if anyone can look up how
    • Gerald must get off his ass
    • Also, he's gonna bring a couple printers by
    • Sean will look into Sudo fix on printer
      • which one? the large inkjet one? yeah because I didn't mean that one, I meant the black one in our suite still yeah can you also look up a fix for our black one... >_< ehhhhhkay thank you!
      • Josh to look up B/W Laser printer options
  • Liz: sign lease, send to Jenny <- will do from San Jose, just gotta connect to a printer