2014/05/03 Omni Hackathon/Omni Membership

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Omni Membership Discussion

General Consensus

  • Need good access control system
  • No space open w/out stewardship by a member of that collective
  • Need clear signage / plan for movement through space
  • Up to individual groups to decide how much / to whom access is given to dedicated space
  • Schedule another walk-through of the space before June 1st
  • No required over-arching Omni Membership
  • Post expectations and specific rules governing different spaces
  • Bring up all conflicts and incidents at the higher level
  • Good signage and constant communication between groups / at Omni level are essential!


  • When do we want to control access?
  • Is there an Omni Membership?
    • Tiered?
  • How do we share space?
    • Clear signage
    • Publicize costs
    • Access codes on members only spaces
  • How do we ban members?
    • How do we support bans by other groups?
    • Can we restrict access to certain spaces but not others
  • Is there space for the general public different from common omni collectives space
  • Are members from individual collectives who want to help organize / administer the building are granted full access? (Minus restricted individual collective spaces)


  • Avoiding exclusivity
  • Keeping people from sleeping
  • Building Management
  • Individual Groups must be allowed to maintain Existing Membership Structure
    • Public School Membership is Free (in direct conflict with paid membership to the space)
    • Each individual group has their own definition of "members" already (or not!)
  • What do we do when people are out of control / drunk / on drugs / etc? Do we turn them out into the street?
    • Provide access to information on resources (shelters, hostels, etc.)
  • How do we restrict access to certain areas?


  • General Omni Membership (free, perhaps)
    • Access to un-reserved common space
  • Paid / Donation Tier Omni Membership
    • Perks?
    • Do groups donate certain access to their spaces? How would this be determined? Feels problematic / difficult to determine.
  • Building / Space Access
    • Door code
    • Times of open access / Restricted hours
    • Collectives should have a member present during open access hours
    • Alliances between groups re: banning but bans are not universal necessarily.
  • Common space rules / policies / guidelines
  • Determine building administration / management needs
  • Levels of access (layers of an onion):
    • publicly accessible space
    • only accessible to Omni people? should ther be a distiction w publicly accessible
    • Bocce ball court access controlled after hours
    • Shared lounge between CCL and sudo
    • Some open CCL lab benches for food grade work
    • Cubicle wall with unlocked but clearly labeled door
    • Greenhouse structure for dust free work
    • Small BioSafety Level 2 with a locked door