2014/05/04 Omni Hackathon Checkout

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Final Checkout

  • Notes can be found at the wiki (here) and in the Google Docs
  • Nothing we've created today is binding - prepared with the purpose to charm the masters - not internally reflective of our actual processes
  • Let's keep cool heads
  • Interested in defining guidelines for inter-collective accommodating
  • Still much work to do re: governance of the space, member group qualifications, voting/delegation rights, etc;
  • Interesting opportunity to engage in a dialogic process with John at this point - it's a creative collaboration! Don't be afraid of its detailed-oriented nature - out with the old stress in with the new
  • Chief concern was that half the group left halfway through the day since we consolidated to one session - not about productivity, but rather that the benefits of a transformative experience of having accomplishments was transmuted into a collective effort that meant only a few members of the group came out with tangible accomplishments.

Outstanding Concerns

  • Access to docs
  • TASKS folder in the shared drive
  • CONTACT LIST tab in that shared sheet - please add yourself

Meetings This Week

  • Communications WG: Monday 7pm @ Public School
  • Finances WG: Tuesday 7pm @ The Speak - 604 56th St, Oakland, CA