2014/05/04 Omni Hackathon Intro

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What are your fears?

  • "I dreamed I walked through a crude architecture". We become too powerful and David Koresh our ass. Something horrible happens like the building burning down wiht people in it.
  • Can't get along.
  • Too few people get too much power
  • We become another gentrification space.
  • Lack of organization, lack of a common thread (what is the common goal?)
  • Tiered membership (unequal access / privilege)
  • Cash flow projections seem juvenile; will we be able to afford to be there in 6 months? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AktkZZru71ymdEFUSUtCSnQ5TXFfaE9wRWxTV1pSV2c&usp=sharing
  • Burnout, how can we prevent that? How can we get more people involved? How can we inspire greater agency / autonomy?
  • Defaulting to existing models without reflecting on them
  • Making sure what we do gives a good name to what brings us together, that failures don't reflect poorly on cooperative / collective efforts.
  • Exceding the Dunbar number (~150); too many people involved; social relations break down.


  • Fear driven conversations; my general level of excitement; not exploring how things should be / how we want them to be
  • Throwing the baby out with the bathwater; not letting ourselves fail and make mistakes; being crippled by fear
  • Can we successfully navigate the deal in a way that's effective and legal? What does the financial inspection entail? A lot of unknowns.
  • Conflict with the landlord.
  • No Plan B.
  • Not being heard by leadership/community when warnings are raised