2014/10/14 Finance Meeting Minutes

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Finance Meeting Notes 10/14 7pm


Niki's current Finance todo's:

  • Making deposits to the bank account
  • Writing checks (for bills, loan repayments, etc.)
  • Maintaining a schedule for loan repayments
  • Monitoring and reporting back on our debt, making sure we do not go below our month's reserve
  • Making sure that spending does not exceed amount that has been allocated (ie: for specific repairs / improvements)
  • Scanning and logging all receipts into our accounting software
  • Meeting with our bookkeeper to produce reports
  • Updating our financial projections w/ actuals
  • Paying all bills and overseeing accounts such as utilities, etc.
  • Creating and distributing invoices for shared expenses
  • Creating and distributing invoices for rent
  • Chasing people down every month to ensure that they pay these things
  • Finding a non-profit accountant to figure out what will be needed for our taxes & working with this accountant at tax time

Current invoicing is done with Wave.

Division of labor (volunteers):

  • Person to scan and log reciepts (currently using Wave for this waveapps.com)
  • Person as an accountant (Jen)
  • High level finance person (CFO), Amgo stepped up for this role.
  • Person doing invoicing (Sarah Pritchard)

Finance ideas to solve difficulties with tracking expense reimbursment requests:

  • Possible budget submittal before expenses reimbursment
  • Possible expense submission form