2015/02/03 Optik Allusions Meeting

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Pre meeting: Oscar Grant Committee

  • We'll be in touch with Marcus from the Oscar Grant Comittee to assist in making a documentary about their activism.

Regular meeting: Attendees

  • Anka
  • Liz
  • Sarah
  • Noemie


  • Sarah had an idea: A way for opal to raise money for equipment and rent and stuff and for our won projects is to do fundraising video. Yay
    • We should get our own glidecam and a drone or equivalent.
    • We should have an edible bake sale, or just a regular bake sale. Booze not bombs.
    • We've got 15 dollars! Korl put it in from film night.
    • Donation based film times with drinks. And Sarah would sell cookies.
  • Liz was looking at this documentary archive called films for action. It is a collaborative thing between people and collaborative cities. They have collection of films that they curate and that you can screen. They have a collection of films that are accessible. Maybe we could start an Oakland chapter. Opal could host a film for action chapter. We have awesome equipment for screenings. Sarah would make ice cream.
  • Two shoots last week for the gentrification project. Went super well.

Omni videos

  • filming jake's hardware hacking tuesdays and fnb videos.
  • continue making these videos spontaneously.

Space downstairs - Community Media Projects

  • Preparing the meeting next week: what is our vision:
    • space for editing that is dedicated to editing at least half the week. small closed room. use it for meetings, editing workshops.
    • Keep production gear in the stage room.
    • Collaboration in terms of community media, have a common name and promote community media together.
    • Two arts commissions in Oakland and we could submit proposal for grant money with Music is healing. We would need a business plan. Sarah Liz and Kwe are down to work on it. We could also ask Davida if she's down to participate since she was interested in grant writing. Food not bombs could be our fiscal sponsor.
    • How do we pay rent? We're offering to steward the space and renovate it. It will bring people and cool projects. We could rent the room. Do a monthly meal to raise money. "dinner and a movie". Having a non compulsory membership. We could pay utilities but not rent.
    • If we're going to look into utilizing the long basement room. What services we would want to put in that shared space. We could have a screening area for small screenings.
    • Sound/silence: Reserving time slots.

Anti-gentrification project

  • Talk to Justin for more ideas on things to shoot.
  • So far: BBQ and home shoot
  • Interview Justin to give context?
  • Goal? thrash reputation of the bank
  • Figure out upcoming actions

OGC video

  • Doing a documentary about the Oscar grant Committee
  • Let's see when Marcus can come and show us his footage and we go from there

action items

  • Liz will get in touch with film for action.
  • Sunday, February 8th, 7pm OMNI: watch gentrification footage
  • Anka will be in touch with Marcus

Creative chaos

BAN VAGINA. I'm not a vagina. I'm the boss.