2015/04/14 Optik Allusions Meeting

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Tuesday April 14th 2015

Weekly Meeting

  • Improv Game: The only fun you will have in the meeting.


  • Marc has injured his spine and will not be able to show his short film until next meeting. He apolagizes for such short notice.

Film Equipments library functionality

  • Key Acesss- Sarah would like a key.
  • Liz would like to change the lock for the -OPAL MEDIA LAB- so that it will NOT automatically lock.
  • Form- So your still tweaking the form. Liz would like to beta test the form.
  • Insurance We need to appraise our individual equipement. Go through our inventory and price it out. Noemie we need the insurance company name. VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Debit/Credit card holding:
    • SHould we create a bank account?
    • Should we be an incorporated association?
  • Deposit? Liz- items under 100, people will have to pay a deposit thats equal to the worth of the item if it were broken or losts, items over 100 will be insured.
  • Rules for Use. We need to put the rules of taking out equipment and the form on the wiki page.
  • Note we have figured out some of this out. Liz made an awesome form and Noemie checked out insurance. But alas we haven't totally implented these things in a cohesive uniform way.
  • Goal to have clear rules so that everyone knows the process and can easily access our equipment safely. I.E put it on the wikipage
  • The action plan:
    • Step 1 We appraise our inventory
    • Step 2 We research the company policy
    • Step 3 We put up the rental process on the wiki page.


  • Who is going to collect and deliver our membership contributions to omni?
  • In what form?
  • Grati Pay/Cash
  • How many members have committed to paying?
  • Should we do it on a rotating basis?
  • Step 1: FIND OUT FINANICIAL system. Take it from there.

Working Groups

  • When are the working groups? Info On the wiki!
  • Whe have a rotating roster for working groups.
  • How much of a time commitment is it? As mush or as little as you want to put in.


  • Sarah: I know this is a docacry but I think that food should a requirement for membership. Every person who is able should bring food on a rotating basis. Also I have noticed that only the woman bring food. This is not acceptable.
  • Food allergies.
  • Dragon and Liz will cater the next teusday meetings.