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Regular meeting: Attendees


  • New mailing list!

OpAl Proposal

  • Becoming a member collective.
  • Cost: Insurance But they're probably not expecting us to pay the 500$ insurance thing
  • The 100$ utility stands
  • We just need people to come to the working groups.
  • Jenny suggests that we offer for a certain price we can film the event and we can give you the footage. Good idea. Money goes to Omni.
  • So we all agree to
  • Why it was asked.
  • Roundtable of how people feel about it.
  • Consequences:
    • Figuring out our membership : What makes a member? What allows people access to the equipment and what are the accountability measures.
    • A log in system for the equipment.
    • Insurance.
    • Organizing space.
    • Mailing lists.
    • Doing outreach.
    • Accepting donations: Gratipay, GoFundMe, other options? Requires a collective bank account (look into credit unions?)
  • Need to advise the omni consensus list and delegates that our proposal is now a proposal for tenancy.
  • Need to organize a day of arranging the new room.

Anti-gentrification project

  • Deutsche Bank, contact + Charles Mouton
  • Write a voice over
  • Auction Friday at noon. + Afrika Town.
  • Action
  • Culinary school + Woman in the neighborhood swooping houses.
  • Portrait of West Oakland ( Afrika Town)
  • Annette follow up.
  • Meet to work on the project and talk about the narrative: friday could be dedicated to that, for instance. What are the next steps, etc.: the print shop at 27th and San Pablo. Show old footage to show old Oakland compared to now.
  • Can we set a day during the week: Monday.
  • Also talk to a gentrifier.
  • Filmography: Inside Job, Shelter, a squatumentary, and Flag Wars
  • Film Night! Next Tuesday! April 7th.

OGC video

  • Tonight we'll be editing footage we got from Gerald one case that will be the red thread of the movie.
  • Sit down and talk about the OGC documentary: next steps.
  • Marcus recorded stuff on his phone.

Action items

  • Noemie will write to consensus and say we're down to be a member collective.
  • Noemie, Sean and Jabari will go.
  • Afrika Town + Auction shoot on Friday morning. Jabari Sean and Noemie.
  • Monday morning: shoot around Oakland.
  • Noemie to make a doc about the project.
  • Jabari and Noemie to do research of images of older Oakland. Ask Gerald.
  • Jabari suggests we look into a GoFundMe page